Cranky Cow Dead, Nobody Charged

At the California State Fair this week, a cow was shot and killed. Apparently the pregnant heifer got out of its enclosure and started running loose on the grounds. This was happening before the fair even opened for the day.

So, a UC Davis Vet decided that this was one anti-social cow and gave orders to execute it.

Now I’ve seen cows ridden, roped, wrestled, and BBQ’d and I’ve never seen one that was too happy with people. What I want to know is where was this cow’s owner, where was a cowboy when one was needed, didn’t anyone have a horse and a rope?

John Wayne could have handled the situation. Maybe the Vet was low on beef. Sacramento has been known as a “Cow Town” for a long time, maybe it’s time to find a new insult.

Ah, the message I needed came via Twitter

So I am deleting my post about muslims because after venting my outrage, I realize that muslims too are Children of God, and even Jesus on the Cross forgave those who “knew not what they do”.  So, I am working on it…but I am vigilant!

Check this link I got via Twitter

Gothic Rose Antiques

An absolute must see in Placerville, California is the Gothic Rose Antiques shop on Main Street. I took some video there this year and here is the video I made for them including some music from a record my Junior High Band recorded in 1973 (yeah, on vinyl young people). I was First Trumpet:2nd Chair (my best friends were 1st:1st and 1st:3rd so listen carefully for our trumpets driving the music at the end of the video; yeah, that’s right, we were baaaad-brass.

Who Cares Where LeBron will Play?

Here is the opening salvo from a blog where the writer is generally a lot less cranky than I am. But this post is worthy of a Cranky post! To read the entire post, click this link: A Writer’s Journey

Here’s a little excerpt:
Am I the only one who doesn’t care where LeBron James plays basketball?
Lots of big things are happening in the world this week. The U.S. Department of Justice is suing Arizona over its new immigration law. Johannes Mehserle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of Oscar Grant, and 83 people were arrested in Oakland for rioting and looting in the aftermath of the verdict. The oil spill in the Gulf continues to have a growing negative impact on wildlife and commerce in the region. And let’s not forget that the economy is still a mess and millions of people are out of work.”

Cranky in Arizona

I’ve been struggling with this immigration law enforcement issue in Arizona. On the one hand, I see that illegal immigration is a real problem on lots of levels:

  • Taking jobs from legal residents and lowering the overall level of salaries in those industries where illegals are used.
  • Influx of people who draw on services with no ability to pay for them either out of pocket or through paying taxes since so many are paid under the table.
  • Lack of accountability since they can’t have a driver’s license, car insurance, etc.
  • Influx of people who come in by breaking the law which among some indicates a willingness to do whatever it takes to get what they want, even if it is outside the law of the land.

On the other hand, I see the pitfalls of the law for ordinary citizens of Arizona who are legal.  People could be harassed because they have dark skin or an accent.  I knew an Irish man once who had his brogue to the day he died, so some people just don’t lose that.

I wonder how many of the people responsible for pushing the law use illegal immigrants to build their homes, feed their kids, and clean their yards.  There is a degree of hypocrisy in the debate that can’t be escaped.

So I wonder what the orders will be for the Arizona cops,  are there going to be undercover leaf blower stings?  The new federal lawsuit will be interesting to watch.  It will inevitably end up in the Supreme Court.  Does a state have the right to secure its borders?  Interesting question when the federal government has proven unwilling or unable to do so.
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