The Absurdity of Divisions in America

If the release of confidential US State Department documents by Wikileaks tells us anything about America, it is this, it’s US against the world.  Even comments by our ally Prince Andrew of Great Britain smell mildly anti-American.  Our comments about others lead me to believe that our government has a much more guarded level of trust toward leaders they do cheerful photo-ops beside.

The lack of trust and respect makes me concerned about what it says about the state of the “global” political affairs.  If people like Hillary Clinton and Condoleeza Wright put Ambassadors into the spy business then we are indeed living in a much more dangerous world than the average schmoe like me can comprehend.

I titled this post the absurdity of divisions in America because from what I can see happening in the world today, we can’t afford all this internal dividing any longer.  We’re outnumbered.  We need everyone. We can’t have internal us and them arguments. We don’t have the population to segregate any one of our citizens.  We need all hands on deck and we need them now.

Racism has got to go.  White toward people of color and people of color toward white, we can’t afford to minimize anyone.  Segregation of economic opportunity has got to go.  We need great schools for every kid and great parents pushing those kids toward a great education.  We need Americans who are educated, well fed, healthy, and on board with the program.  Divided we surely will fall against the outside forces seeking to undermine the Republic.  Wikileaks should sound a warning bell and we should all be rallying somewhere.

This fellow Julian Assange is one example of forces trying to undermine the US.  Throw in China, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and on and on.  It seems that everyone would like to see the big guy on the block taken down and they’re working at it day and night.

Some countries in the world seeking to knock us down is understandable, our own people knocking us down is another matter.  The name Bradley Manning who is said to have stolen and delivered the documents to Assange should be as scandalized as Benedict Arnold.  Yes, remember his name and teach it to your kids if he’s convicted, Bradley Manning.  It should give us a bitter taste on our national tongue. 

That Somali teenager immigrant in Portland who was plotting to set off a bomb at a Christmas celebration is no better.

We need to get a grip.  I don’t see this release of documents as a threat, I see it as a statement about the threat we are facing.  We can no longer afford to be uneducated and unhealthy.  We can’t afford to be lazy and expecting the government to deliver our needs.  We need to understand that those within the borders of this country are living a charmed life and that the charmed life only continues so long as we are competitive in business. That requires we are strong militarily, strong in commerce, strong in manufacturing, strong in education, and showing leadership in human rights. 

Why are we giving so many places in our Universities to foreigners when we are under-educating so many of our own kids.  So much of our own talent is being wasted!

We need to stop selling our scrap metal overseas immediately.  We need to re-establish manufacuring here and put people to work.  Whatever the Chinese are doing with all that metal, we can do here and do it better.  We need to get busy people and we need to stop seeing us and them within our borders. We need to start expecting more of everyone.  Wikileaks makes it clear to me that we’re living in a dangerous world.

Toyota Lame Commercials make Me Cranky

Toyota is running some seriously negative ads right now.  They depict a little kid who through being given too much in his young life has decided that some cars are lame and parents who drive them are lame by association.

I find this disturbing.  Fundamentally, the concept that a kid being driven around by his parents should be thankful, period.  He should be thankful that he’s not walking.  He should be thankful his parents will even take him along.  He should be thankful he gets a ride to school.  He should be thankful that he isn’t living in a poverty-riddled 3rd world country where he doesn’t have food to eat or clean water to drink.

But Toyota wants kids in America to think that all our wealth in owning a vehicle and sending them to school and dressing them and feeding them isn’t enough.  Toyota wants kids to think they need a Toyota Highlander or some spoiled little snot will think less of them.  It is a really disgusting appeal to people’s vanity and a truly awful appeal to kids to bully each other.

I’m sadly surprised there isn’t more of a backlash against it.  I opened a web site at and on it I’ve listed online articles, forums, and blog posts that I’ve found so far that discuss the commercials.  I’ve found around 100 and counting.  I also started a petition against these commercials in hopes of getting some momentum to stop them.  But it’s not picking up steam yet and I am not sure it will.  No churches seem to be speaking out against the commercials. No politicians seem to care.  Nobody seems to care much.

Perhaps it is a sign of our society’s deterioration that we will simply tolerate the commercials.  I find that it’s a bit like having an open sewer pipe running into my living room.  Not that Toyota is the only company spewing media sewerage; they certainly aren’t.  It is the blatant, unvarnished way that they’re promoting negative values to sell cars that has so offended me.  I mean I bought the URL for crying out loud, it made me pretty cranky.

I wish that Toyota will take the high road for their High-lander and pull the ads.  But even more, I hope that the backlash against Toyota will grow, I hope to see san awakening of a hibernating moral sense in this country that says commercials like these are very basically wrong and counter to our values.  Send Toyota back to Japan, we don’t need Toyota autos if the company is going to misuse the privilege of selling vehicles here in this way.  It’s insulting.