Schwanns Hurts Bob

I know a guy, let’s call him Bob. Bob has worked for the same company, Schwanns, for about 15 years. Recently, Schwanns shut down the facility where Bob works. It’s just a distribution warehouse and Bob is a driver/salesman for the company. Bob’s route won’t be eliminated, he’s been a good salesman.

The issue is that Bob’s route won’t be driven by Bob any longer. Bob is being displaced by Schwanns. I asked Bob one day of the closure of the warehouse which I’d read about in the paper would affect his job. He said yes. I asked how.

This is how. Bob would have to go to another warehouse where there are a couple of routes open. Bob could not keep his present route., Bob could not keep his 15 years seniority. Bob could not even keep his rate of pay.

Bob decided that rather than start from scratch with this company, he’d just quit working for them and look for another job. I’ll miss Bob. He’s a nice guy and knows the business.

I am no fan of unions and if you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know that. But if I were in Bob’s shoes, I’d sure as hell want a union on my side. I’d want a ravenous union president who’d staple signs on sticks and organize a march for me.

There is no other way to describe it except that Bob is getting screwed by Schwanns. And I doubt there’s any Republicans standing up for him. Hell, they’ll vote to give Schwanns a tax break, they’re “creating” jobs right? They’re swell guys.

I used to buy my breakfast sandwiches from Schwanns; well, I bought them from Bob. But I’m never buying anything from Schwanns again. As far as I am concerned, the management of Schwanns is a bunch of bastards for the way they’re treating Bob.

Politics is as Predictable as the Weather in San Diego

Did you know that the high temperatures in San Diego, California this week will range from 65 to 72 degrees? This is normal weather in San Diego; I used to fly there about once a week for business. Each time I got off the plane, it felt exactly like the time before. I used to pretend I was Bill Murray in Groundhog Day and I’d hum Sonny and Cher songs on my walk to the rental car.

The lack of change in the San Diego weather gives me confidence. It validates my belief that nothing is really going to be different this week, in spite of the election results, and in spite of the fact that the 9th Circuit declared Prop 8 unconstitutional. Where was the drama in that decision? It’s sort of like the 7 degree swing in temperature in San Diego, nobody with any sense expected anything different.

Rick Santorum won a caucus tonight in Minnesota. President Obama is urging donations to a Super Pac that supports him. Mitt Romney is on the ropes again, and Newt Gingrich is using his pudgy little fingers to seek shelter under the nearest moss-covered rock before the Elephant drivers squash him flat.

The Presidential election is no different than the weather in San Diego. Nobody really expects change. Nobody with any common sense thinks so anyway. People on the fringe – right and left – enjoy the passion of believing that change or Armageddon are equally possible outcomes of this election.

But even they know damned well it’s a crock. It does not matter who is elected, the temperature won’t change more than 7 degrees in the White House next November.