Cranky Bullets

  • Proposition 30 in California is a completely bizarre end-run on a broken political system. The state is broke and the Governor Jerry Brown does not want to keep cutting everything. He has asked the people then to approve a sales tax increase that will contribute about half the necessary money to balance the budget. The other half will come from cuts. The reason he has to do this is that even with a Democratic majority in the State legislature, Brown can’t get 4 Republicans to vote for higher taxes. Hence the proposition. Bypass the representative government, budget by election. So if the elected reps can’t get their act together and act, and if we’re going to vote on budget issues going forward instead of entrusting that to our representatives, then what do we need representatives for anyway? 
  • Local tax increases are also on the ballot. School taxes, sales taxes, taxes-taxes-taxes. The government is broke because the people are broke and we are not spending money. So the government wants to raise the proportion of taxation to the level of spending so that sales taxes enable them to avoid cutting salaries. 
  • The Sacramento News and Review last week included an article that described the urgent need to pass the Sacramento school reconstruction tax. The article included a description of how a large school theater building had seats that were in terrible condition, in part because the students had carved graffiti into the wooden backs. Not a big selling point for me on giving the little bastards new seats and therefor a fresh piece of wood to carve on.
  • The same SN&R article described the filthy steps where students sit. A teacher was quoted lamenting that the children are “sitting in filth.” These were high school students mind you. I would think two things about this, A) why don’t the students stand up instead of sitting in filth (but then why don’t they pull up their pants?); and B) why doesn’t someone hand the lazy little bastards a mop and allow them to clean up and take pride in their own school? 
  • If we can’t afford school custodians, do we just close the schools? Do we just allow the dust to pile up in the corners and spill out into the hallway like a long-deserted Roman temple? Perhaps at the fall of the Roman Empire that is exactly what happened.

The Taliban Shot a 14 Year Old School Girl

The cowards went on a school bus and shot the little girl in the head for speaking out about a girl’s right to get an education. This kind of radical religious fascism is why we’re at war. The Taliban’s style of religion is a threat to everyone’s freedom, at least those in the world who love freedom. This is why the Taliban cannot be allowed to gain control of the nuclear weapons in Pakistan. This is why Iran cannot be allowed to have nuclear weapons.

“A Taliban spokesman, Ehsanullah Ehsan, confirmed by phone that Ms. Yousafzai had been the target, calling her crusade for education rights an ‘obscenity.'”

It makes me wonder how should a Christian react to such acts by facist vermin?

Read the full article for yourself on the New York Times web site.

A Witness to Shoplifting at Safeway on 19th Street in Midtown, Sacramento

Sunday I am in Safeway shopping. It is in Midtown, Sacramento at 19th and S. I’m in the liquor aisle looking for a sale on a 750ml bottle of vodka. There were two other people in the aisle. Some scruffy-looking white guy with a two-day growth of beard and a black guy wearing a backpack.

The Safeway Manager walked down the aisle and he answered some questions that the black man had about sales and types of liquor. The white guy grabbed a bottle and left the aisle, then the manager left too.

It was me and the black man. I was fumbling with my Safeway app on my Android phone trying to see if there was a sale I could take advantage of when the black guy, who was standing right beside me, made his decision and grabbed a bottle off the shelf. It was tequila I think.

This guy turned his back to me and shoved the bottle into his pants, then he grabbed a second bottle and shoved that one into his pants too, then he pulled his jacket down over the bottles and walked quickly out of the aisle and out of view.

I was stunned. And I was pissed off. So I followed him. I pushed my shopping cart quickly but soon fell behind. I looked around for an employee and I finally found one. I told him quickly pointing to the black guy walking out of the store at that very moment, that the SOB had two bottles of booze stuck in his pants. The employee was blase, happens all the time, he did little more than shrug.

HOLY CRAP! Someone who works here must CARE care about this injustice. So I went on toward the door the guy had walked out of seconds earlier. At the front door was a rotund, simple-looking security guard. I told him and the woman he was chatting to so amiably what I’d seen. The woman told me after a thief leaves the store there was nothing they could do. The pair of nitwits even told me they had suspected the bulge in the man’s clothing was something he was stealing.

But they explained that employees get fired for accusing someone of stealing and they could not risk their jobs to stop the theft. They assured me they would look at the store security video to see his face so next time they’d know to check his pants at the checkout counter.

Sacramento lawmakers can legislate all kinds of impotent laws but they can’t protect the rights of a shop owner to keep thieves from stealing their products? Do they mean to tell me that our laws are so warped that even the security guard paid to protect the store is afraid to stop a thief because he’ll be sued? Even if a customer witnessed the crime and reported it to him with 30 seconds of the guy leaving the store?

Seriously? Huh? Are you kidding me? Really? NO SxxT? WTF?

If that is the truth, if the woman overseeing the self-checkout aisle and the chubby Safeway security guard are not just lazy dimwits, then our system of laws is so far out of whack that we will never regain control of it.

Besides, watching that guy put liquor in his pants made me mad. It was wrong, and it costs me money. I pay higher prices for everything I buy because he steals.

Now if he were stealing bread for his children, OK, I get it. I’d even buy him a loaf of bread AND some peanut butter.

But two bottles of booze? Forget that that and sign him up for the LDS Church, I only buy drinks for people I like.

Next time I see that happen, I am making a loud, almighty stink. I am leaving the shopping cart to follow right on his heels and I am yelling at the top of my lungs all the way.

I will make an unholy stink about the the dirt bag. I will follow him out the door screaming, once we’re outside I will tackle him, break his bottles, and make a citizens arrest.

Next time I won’t be too stunned to act.