Where’s the Outrage?

  • angry guy250Chinese military hackers are waging a cyber war against US society. I’m sure we’re engaging with them, and I hope we’re winning.
    • Our government is nervous or why would they be airing the grievance instead of quietly obliterating them electronically?
  • Obama is giving speeches. Republicans are giving speeches. Radio hosts are puling.
    • And, nothing is getting done in Washington as usual.
  • No bankers were charged, convicted and sent to jail over the mortgage scandal.
    • I wonder how that happens?
  • Gasoline prices have skyrocketed this year. No valid reason is given for it.
    • Per our president, we’re producing more domestic oil than we have in 15 years.
    • But “drill baby drill” has not lowered prices.
    • The war in Iraq did not lower prices.
    • Higher efficiency cars using less gas did not bring the price down.
  • Maybe gasoline prices have nothing to do with free market capitalism.
    • We’re all puppets on strings, directly controlled by the oil industry.
  • Where is the outrage in this country over anything? Are we so tame and domesticated that nothing will ever again spark protest?
    • Why are our young people so silent and unseen?
  • Maybe it’s simple, where there are no morals, there’s no longer capacity for moral outrage.

International Olympic Committee Cuts Wrestling? Boycott the Olympics!

greek wrestlersAre the members of the International Olympic Committee insane? Wrestling is as fundamental to the Olympics as the Marathon! I will boycott all future Olympics that do not include wrestling. I guess there’s no traditions that mean anything any longer.

modern wrrestling

A pure amateur sport like wrestling with no professional level gets cut while all other sports that have turned into professional, steroid side-shows are kept in place? You IOC people make me cranky. I say boycott the Olympics.