The Low IQ of US Immigration Policy

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI hosted a Finnish foreign exchange student about 15 years ago for his senior year of high school. He was an amazing kid. I never once asked him about his school work because he sat down religiously to do his homework. He played sports, he went to dances, he dove into the US culture with both feet and with gusto. He cooked, he cleaned, he did his own laundry; he was mature beyond his years in terms of US kids.

His goal was to come back here to live one day. So he went to college in Finland and he graduated. He was the president of the local junior chamber of commerce. He went to work in international sales for an instrument company. After a period of years traveling Europe and the Near East, he convinced the owners that he could start a distributorship here in the states. Living here was his dream.

So the company underwrote his venture, paid for his rent here, paid his salary and travel, paid the fees to hire lawyers to start the company, paid the licenses, the insurance, the import process, the whole nine yards.

He wanted to build a company on US soil that would not only allow him to stay here, but would also pay a profit to his Finnish company. Of course this company would also employ US people here who would pay taxes, buy houses and cars, etc.

Get the picture? This young man was the ideal immigrant; educated, bringing foreign investment with him, loved the USA, wanted to live here, and for all the right American reasons.

But could he get a fucking visa?


After two years of work, and after two visa applications to work here, the INS said, “Sorry Sucker,” (my interpretation = you have no Lobby senior). YOU came in the wrong way chump…legally.

We’re headed into the economic third world because we’re a bunch of ignorant people who are governed by a bunch of stupid people. Our immigration policy is brain dead, tone deaf, and blatantly racist.

Get ready America, you’re about to give amnesty to 10+ million people who came here illegally; but a young man who wants to emigrate legally and jump through the hoops, do the work, dot the i’s and cross the t’s, one who has earned a COLLEGE education – one you didn’t even have to pay for – one who is financed by foreign money to come here. HE is told go home.

We suck.