African PR

Much of the PR coming from Africa is negative with Uganda and Nigeria leading the headlines. The news from Africa has  been mostly bad for decades, but all the issues in the past made me feel sympathetic. I’d donate funds to help in a crisis.

But now I hear negatives with a much different slant. Gay people being jailed for life? Beaten by the police to name names.  Executed? Not with my money. I am writing to my legislators to ask them to stop funding countries with such horrific laws.

I fear that bad PR in Africa may erode sympathetic feelings. It may set up its people for more crisis as aid shrinks from people like me who disagree with punishing people for being who they are. What surprises me more is to learn that white, American fundamentalist Christians are behind these laws. I’m not shocked because they would push their agenda, I am shocked that Africans are buying what they’re selling.

As a Christian, I am just disgusted.

Holy Frack It’s 2014 – How Stimulated Wells are Coming to California

Did you know that fracking (one form of well stimulation) is already being done here in California? I drove to Sacramento up I-5 yesterday returning from a holiday and I saw 4 different Halibuton trucks rumbling on their way somewhere to frack.

Now to be fair, those trucks may have been there last year too because I didn’t know what a fracking truck looked like before I  researched the issue. I not only learned what they looked like, I also learned that Dick Cheney’s beloved Halliburton is a key player in fracking.

Senate Bill 4 (Pavley, Ventura County) passed and signed into law requires California to pass regulations related to fracking to assure it is done safely. It also allows the California Department of Conservation to set regulations for the interim year of 2014.

Various forms of well stimulation have been used for a long time but a large scale drilling into the shale reserves in our state has not bee undertaken before now. A big concern about water isn’t only about the ground water quality, it is also about t huge quantities of water needed for fracking in a state where water is in limited supply. Another concern is the chemicals mixed with the waste water pumped out of the wells.

Another major concern is the use of highways and pollution created by large trucks bringing equipment, chemicals, water, fuel, etc. By some estimates hundreds of truck trips for a single well.

As I bumped for hundreds of miles through pot holes on I-5 yesterday, I wondered if I would be needing a hummer to make the trip a year from now.