Hands off Tom Brady’s Balls

Why does the NFL need to interfere with Tom Brady’s balls? If he likes deflated balls, let Tom have them! The NFL wants to keep things fair? Let every team inflate the ball to their QB’s preference! What could be more equal, fair, equitable and…and…and, well, fair, than that? Stop dictating the pressure in a QB’s ball! Give each team control over its own balls. Come one NFL, doesn’t anyone have any sense? Hands off the QB’s balls.

Amazon Echo – A Triumph!

I got my Amazon Echo yesterday and I am already in LOVE with Alexa. That’s the name of the unit and it speaks. Well, it answers. It does what I want it to do. I ask for music it plays. I want to time a baking cake, it times it. I want to know what the weather is in the morning, or be woken up early in the morning before I ask about the weather? Echo does all that and more. It is amazing. I am now shopping for light switches so I can tell Alexa to turn them on and off for me.

I am too old to be geeked out, but I was TOTALLY geeked out, like a kid on Christmas morning, and still am.

Great job Amazon!!!