The Latest Crap About $15 Minimum Wage

So I got this tweet, which is a kind of typical, doltish tweet from someone with an opinion and no critical thinking skills.


@Grant_Writer They said the same when they raised it to $7.25 an hour…

It’s full of general language, unsupported, that appeals to weak-minded people  too lazy to fact check.

He/she says, “They said” “the same” thing when “they” raised it (minimum wage) to $7.25 in 2009. The inference of course is that we’re comparing apples (raising the minimum wage from $6.55 an hour to $7.25) with apples (raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $15.00 an hour).

It is obvious to even the most limited intellect that we are not comparing apples to apples, or even apples to pineapples.

Of course he/she uses “The same” to say that people complained about the increase in 2009 and therefore if people complain today the basis for the complaint is the same, it is meaningless. The trouble is that the argument this time is not the same and it is not meaningless. Increasing the minimum wage from $6.55 to $7.25 is the not same thing so reducing the arguments to irrelevant complaints is just plain lazy.

Here are the facts about the minimum wage from 1977 to today.

The minimum wage in 1977 was $2.30 an hour.

The average annual increase in the minimum wage per year from 1977 to 2009 = $0,15 per hour.

The proposed minimum wage in 2016 is $15.00 per hour.

If this is accomplished, the average annual increase from 2009 to 2015 (from $7.25 to $15) will be $1.11.

The difference in the amount of the increases in these two spans in (1977-2009 and 2009-2016) is 152%.

The increase to from $7.25 to $15/hour  is a 70% increase, not even close to the increase from $6.55 to $7.25, an increase of 10%.

To say the increase $15 is”the same” is a lie at worst, and ignorant and stupid at best, no matter what “they” say.


Socialist Arguments for a $15 Minimum Wage

All right, so I’m getting a lot of crap online from bleeding hearts about this $15 an hour minimum wage crap.

Here is how I see the arguments I am given.

What I think What I am told (the crap) What I think about what I am told
Minimum wage should be an entry level wage that enables you to gain a job, allows employers to hire a bunch of people, and is the first step on the ladder upward as skills, education, and experience are gained. Minimum wage was put into place to ensure that people weren’t left in poverty by unscrupulous business owners and should be today a “living wage” that enables people to enjoy all the benefits of living in the USA including housing, healthcare, family, etc. The federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour and the federal poverty rate is $11,700 a year. If someone works full time (2080 hours a year) at the minimum wage they will earn $15,080.  If the purpose is to keep people above the federal poverty guidelines, mission accomplished where it is now.

The Federal Fair Labor Standards Act that put the minimum wage into effect did have the goal of keeping people out of poverty at $0.25/hour. This was 1938, the height of the great depression, and it was designed for factories mainly. Since that time companies use the minimum wage to offer entry level employment to unskilled and otherwise unemployable people.

Minimum wage will increase the costs for all people and the bulk of the costs will be paid by the people doing most of the buying, not the rich. The CEO’s are making SO much money and should take pay cuts to pay for the increase in minimum wage. This is so stupid I don’t know why people say this crap. McDonalds employs about 760,000 people. The CEO made $8.75 million dollars last year. If McDonalds increased salaries from the federal minimum wage ($7.25) to $15 it would need over 6 billion dollars more to pay the increase. Even if the CEO was paid zero, that leaves McDonalds short $5,991,250. So do the freaking math people. The CEO may make a lot compared to you, but compared to the reality of $15 an hour he makes nothing.
Seven states in 2012-2013 according to the National Education Association paid starting teachers less than the annual pay someone who works full time at $15 per hour would earn ($31,200).

Montana $27,274
South Dakota $29,851
Missouri $30,064
North Carolina $30,778
Nebraska $30,844
Idaho $31,159
Mississippi $31,184
Comparing the minimum wage to teacher salaries who are underpaid isn’t fair. Underpaid according to whom? You’re talking about a market-based, negotiated salary level as opposed to a government imposed salary level based on nothing more than someone pulling a number out of their ass. Raising the minimum wage for uneducated, unskilled workers to the level of a teacher is an insult and a disincentive to undertaking higher education.
Even if you raise the minimum wage to $15 and everything goes up 35% or more, there’s a well-established practice in labor relations called “me too” and if you raise McDonald’s workers above teachers, teachers are going to scream (rightfully so) and the salary will have to be raised. That means higher taxes in addition to the higher costs of commodities and services. But people deserve a living wage for a full days work. Wrong, everyone deserves a full day’s pay for a full day’s work. The level of pay is determined by the market, the skill involved, the effort, the education and training required. With $15 an hour, everyone loses and then gains, and eventually, the balance settles again to make the minimum wage of unskilled people right where it should be again in relation to all other wages, at the bottom, where there is incentive to raise yourself up. What isn’t going to change are the profits and high salaries earned by the shareholders and CEO’s.
Minimum wage should be low enough so that enough people can work to raise themselves up, go to college or tech school, gain the skills and the work experience needed to enter the work force at a higher level. THE VICTIM MODEL

But not all people can work their way through college, they didn’t finish high school, they have family obligations and situations that prevent them from accomplishing a higher education.

True, everything isn’t equal. But the USA never promised equal outcomes, only equal opportunity to reach those outcomes. If you can’t go to college because of life obligations, then them’s the breaks. Do the best you can, work at it more slowly over time, do whatever you can. Not everyone who is successful went to college, but they worked their asses off without excuses until they made it.


I am not a fan of victimization. I hate the notion. It is handicapping. It is often debilitating. It is a curse on people who should instead be encouraged and supported to achieve. Why do we think that giving unskilled and uneducated people a salary that is higher than a starting teacher or a Certified Nurses Assistant that make only $12.39 an hour on average nationally (US Dept. of Labor) is beyond me.

The astronomically higher minimum will create a class of servants who have no incentive to move up and improve their education and skills. It is primarily a socialist redistribution of the limited wealth of the middle class! It is not redistribution of the wealth of the 1%. With this $15 an hour minimum wage, all we will accomplish is to beat the economic living crap out of everyone in the middle class under the flailing banner of Bernie Sanders’ socialist propaganda bull shit.

#DotheMath – $15 Minimum Wage is Socialism

$15 minimum wage is socialism and Bernie Sanders likes it.
$15 minimum wage does nothing to reduce the gap between rich and poor.

No wonder Bernie Sanders likes the $15 minimum wage, it has the impact of raising the bottom while pulling the middle down. It is a leveling. It is a forced redistribution of already limited wealth of the middle class. It has nothing to do with capitalism and market forces. It has nothing to do with what made America great, that being offering opportunity that encourages people to rise.

Bernie likes the $15 minimum wage because he is a socialist. Perhaps he is at heart a communist. Afterall, if you pay people in servant jobs enough, people with no job skills or education to rise, you rob them of ambition, you rob them of motivation to be entrpreneurial. Why should anyone rise if the government will raise the minimum wage and use it to take from the middle class to give to the poor.

Bernie Sanders thinks he is Robin Hood. In the sample above, you can see how the rise in minimum wage impacts the price per pound of apples. Yes it is a fictitious example, but notice that if the farmer’s profit stays the same we all pay more. And there are a lot more middle class and lower middle class people than rich people who buy apples. You are going to pay this raise, not the rich. They will keep their profit margins intact.

Is Bernie going to give everyone else a raise to pay for all the higher prices? No, he thinks this is great, that the bottom is lifted up and the middle is brought lower while the rich are not affected, SOCIALISM people. #DotheMath

Can Someone Question Santa Claus Bernie?

Bernie is expounding on the $15 an hour minimum wage and his crowds scream with glee behind and in front of him as he does. But nobody is asking him about the apparent contradiction in all this horse shit. His $15 dollar an hour raise is not going to be paid for by the rich, it is going to be paid for by all the screeching adolescents attending his rallies. They don’t realize they will have less money in their pockets, not more. $15 an hour is only spreading their limited wealth downward and ensuring that people earning minimum wage have less incentive to improve their lot, get educated, and move up the ladder.

Hey Bernie, I want to ask him, WHO is going to pay the price for this $15 an hour “living wage” for guys who dropped out of school, illegal immigrants with a 5th grade education, and a lot of other people who are unemployable in most other circumstances for lack of education, job skills, and a host of other reasons. I worked at McDonald’s starting at 15 and a half because it was a starting job, a good starting job. McDonald’s is now staffed by people who find themselves in a situation in which the best job they can get is dropping frozen potatoes into hot oil. It’s a career move, not a starting job.

I want to ask Bernie who he thinks is going to pay for the raise for these people. Are the rich going to pay? You bet your sagging ass they’re not going to pay. You think the rich will absorb this cost and not raise prices? You think the rich are eating at fast food joints? You think the rich are shopping at WalMart?

Uh, yeah right, that’s how it will go Bernie. Bernie Sanders is asking us all to keep less of what we earn to give McDonald’s workers a raise. We’re all going to share more of our income with a bunch of people who should be working their ass off to get an education and rise above the role of potato dunker.

But nobody questions the lies about the minimum wage that Bernie and others are selling. The imbeciles at his rallies don’t ask questions, they cheer him. Yay Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, feel the Bern, Bernie Bernie, Bernie. IMBECILES

I don’t want to give my money to people who didn’t work their way through college and earn a degree, the people who didn’t work their asses off to pay their student loans off, the people who for whatever reason have relegated themselves to a flipping burgers and emptying grease pits. I graduated from high school and worked my way through college in minimum wage jobs.

I am so sick of this Bernie Sanders’ bullshit, his crowds of people without the ability to think critically, the smoke and mirrors of a multiple-term Senator who talks as though he just arrived on the scene with these new and “brilliant ideas”. I am sick and tired of Santa Claus Bernie’s promises of free stuff for everyone. He’s not telling the truth, he isn’t Santa Claus. Like Santa, “Bernie” is fiction.

And his supporters stand there stupid and smiling, they squeal with delight in full childish expectation of the gifts and ribbons and bows and wrapping and labels that most assuredly WILL NOT be coming to them. Time to grow up and get to work.