Raley’s and Uber, To Hell With That

I’m all for freedom but two stories on the news lately made me cranky. First of all Lincoln, California has decided, supported by Raley’s Supermarkets, that the new state law banning polluting plastic bags is not for them. They have said they won’t abide by new law.

Well Raley’s you’re not for me. I won’t shop at Raley’s again until you become a law-abiding corporation.

As for Lincoln, California, I don’t go there anyway so it’s no skin off my nose, Lincoln is just a a podunk little nothing of a whistle stop full of fat, diabetic  right wingers on early white man’s retirement (disability) who are too lazy and flatulent to open their trunk to retrieve a reusable bag.  I do hope Raley’s executives are at least consistent in their disregard for the environment and state law by locating a fleet of fume-belching 2-cycle fat carts in their Lincoln store so their spandex-clad guests aren’t inconvenienced or politically offended by a rechargable electric model.

And that goes for Uber too.

Who the hell does Uber think it is driving computerized, driverless cars on the road in perhaps the worst city to drive in on the continent against the orders of the City of San Francisco? I am uninstalling the Uber app and cancelling my account until Uber abides by the law.

Uber, I saw your driverless car blow a red light on the news. AND, I don’t appreciate you trying to get rid of drivers either, people need jobs you bunch of crony capitalist a-holes. People who need jobs are the ONLY reason you exist at all.

Trump makes everyone feel they can do whatever the hell they want in the face of the law, and decency. Well, I can vote with my wallet and Raley’s and Uber are out of my wallet until further notice.

As my Uncle Harv would say, “To hell with that”.

Mutts and Nuts

My Dad once had a dog named Daisy. Daisy was a little wiry-haired terrier mutt who loved farts. As a kid I thought that a dog would react to the sound of a fart was hysterical. All I had to do was make a fart sound with my mouth and Daisy would leap up on the couch and sniff around me for the gas.

Trump uses Twitter to make fools of the media the same was I used mouth farts to make Daisy jump up on the couch. All Trump does is Tweet out a fart and the entire media jumps on the couch sniffing around for gas. But just like Daisy, sometimes there is something real to sniff and most of the time there is nothing. Lots of sniffing and little methane.

Somehow the media needs to figure out what are the farts and what is just noise. Trump often makes them look like fools sniffing around the couch.

Speaking of fools, let’s look at what just happened to Mitt Romney.

The one thing I admire about Trump is his ability and willingness to expose political whoredom. Mitt is the latest political whore to be exposed and publicly castrated. Guiliani, Cruz, Christie, Carson and more lined up for treatment.

Think about it, Mitt is all over Trump during the election, could not be clearer that Trump was not qualified to be president. Then Trump gets elected and Trump throws out a withered olive branch and Mitt comes chasing the stick like a goofy dog wagging and tongue hanging out.

Trump meets with Mitt publicly, just long enough to get Mitt to say nice things, allows pictures and video at a very public dinner out, and then Trump cuts him loose. In the end, Mitt gets nothing except an excruciatingly public castration.

I will never be able to believe a word Mitt Romney says. He pulled the ultimate flip-flop and even if he’d gotten the job he’d have been unbelievable, but wearing a leash is less demeaning than what actually is happening to him.

Mitt Romney is now in no man’s land politically, he has no left or right, no east nor west. Mitt has no political capital left to spend and he came away from this with nothing. At least Ted Cruz still has his job as a Senator, even if he now sings soprano in the Senate choir.