A Great Midtown Walk

So I get home from work at like 6:15 and I decide before I settle in for the evening I will go on my walk rght? I didn’t get my walk at my regular time due to a client phone call at a very inconvenient time (for my walk) so I waited (delayed gratification) until I got home. So I set out, intrepid walker that I have become, and along the way I spy the gallery I developed a web site for and the doors are open so I wander in to see if the owner – a friend – is about. He is, and he’s there with people, and he’s serving them wine and vanilla rum and cokes of which I am immediately offered one and I graciously accept (what could I do?) and sit down to chat with the other artists (my first work is being displayed in the gallery this Saturday so I am not officially an “artiste” OF THE FIRST ORDER SINCE THE gALLERY IS RATED #1 in Sacramento – OK, OK, so it ain’t Paris).

We have a lively talk about 57 Chevy’s and art and then I decide that my walk has become a pub crawl so I go into Rubicon next for an IPA and some chips and salsa. I then walk home and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a dresser in wood with a “free” sign so clear. So I call my son and ask if he needs a dresser (he’s beginning college so he needs everything – believe me) and he says that he and the girlfriend (a distant-self-absorbed-constantly texting young female person) are finishing dessert at Applebees – excuse me (I think) but you’re broke (making min. wage) and Dad is fishing around on he sidewalk (fending off homeless guys on bikes) in Midtown for freebies on your behalf and you’re eating ten dollar desserts in eLK gROVE? wHAT tHE!? Anyway, I swallow my desire to go Guy Kawasaki on his spendthrift ass and let him know where the free solid-wood dresser (at least a $100 item at IKEA in formaldhyhide-laced pressed wood) is after negotiating a spot in the driveway with the owner and leave it in God’s hands. The last I hear he and miss “could-not-care-less-if-you’re-breathing” are going to her Mom’s to borrow a GEO (?) to squeeze the dresser into so it can be taken get it home (good luck with that). My country for a pickup.

Great Walk!