A Warm Wednesay Evening

OK, so I heard a report today that Glacier National Park in Montana has lost about 125 glaciers out of 150 glaciers that used to be there.  I thought to myself, at what point do people begin to admit that things are heating up?  I’m wondering about this seriously.  How can we oppose the idea that global warming might be real, when ice is melting everywhere it should be, well, staying icy?

I usually follow the money but I don’t know enough about politics to follow it in this case, but I’d bet at the bottom of it all is oil, coal, and natural gas.  If I were in a Grisham novel, I’d be following the money.  I’m sure there is a great story here, right-left-center, someone is lying, and they’re lying BIG TIME.  And some group, me, you, us, we’re suckers, and eventually the truth will come out.

My fear is this, that global warming is not only real, but that humans are causing it.  Even more scary is that we’re too stupid and arrogant to get panicked about it until it’s too late to intervene.  Then all the arrogant posturing will turn into kneeling and praying.  I wonder at the arrogance of humans sometimes.

All I know for sure is that something is happening.  Glaciers and ice fields haven’t ever melted in my lifetime, or in the lifetimes of anyone living, or in the history books of anyone who ever lived.  So why is it so unreasonable to explore why this is happening and what if anything humans can do about it?

The scariest thing to me is this, we’ve got several billion people who want to come into the “1st world” and own cars and go to discos and consume the way we Americans have been for decades.  It could be like the age-old algae in the pond example.  It’s where the algae grows to double its size each day and when it gets to the size that it fills half the pond, it takes only one day to fill the pond.  What if we’re one car away from filling the global warming pond? Is anyone out there really smart enough to know that?  Scary stuff dude, very scary stuff.