Arizona Gun Law, A New Spaghetti Western

·         Arizona is going to allow people to carried concealed weapons into its bars.  Hmmm…I’ve seen enough cowboy films to know this is a bad idea.  Perhaps the legislature and governor in Arizona need to be given a collection of Clint Eastwood movies.

·         Mexico is blaming the US for the guns being used to kill people in their drug war/government culture of corruption.  We get blamed for everything!  The Mexican government spent so many years keeping the flow of people moving across their border I guess they thought nothing would ever come back in through the same gateways?  Morons.

·         Anyone who has been held up by a Mexican cop for a “mordida”, or bribe over some trumped up charge knew that the corruption was eating away at the fabric of the society for many years now.  I think that the threadbare culture is pulling loose.

·         It makes me wonder about our own threadbare moral culture in this country.  We are constantly amazed at the seemingly unending array of politician sex scandals.  Regular breaches of marriage vows and cultural mores by people who stand at the podium braying about family values.  But I wonder what the next generation will bring to public office?  Will it be more corrupt and will the scandals grow in severity beyond an out-of-wedlock tryst?  A wide stance in a bathroom, a quickie in Venezuela?  I think we’re seeing the opening of the floodgates.  The moths are eating at our cultural fabric while we sleep and we better watch out or the war in Mexico could land here one day too.

·         Small examples like these freaks who killed the mother and father of all those children, in their house, coming in like commandos.  How bizarre is that?  Or is it more like foreshadowing?

·         Home invasion robberies are becoming regular occurrences here in California.  Last night two people were shot during one not far from where I live.  Bizarre and frightening things are happening.

·         So maybe the new law in Arizona is going to lead Arizonans down the path to safety?  I doubt it.  Perhaps it will lead them down the road leading back to the Wild West where criminals were also worried about people with guns.

·         Maybe these backlashes against criminals will lead to vigilantes.  But it’s a slippery slope, discarding the justice system for rule by pistol is what’s happening in Mexico now and it’s a dangerous, ugly business.

·         Better we should work on teaching morals to our kids and do better and setting an example, working to keep families strong and schools effective.  Maybe it’s time we all went back to Church on Sunday and listened up before we all need to carry a pistol again.