Baseball is Becoming Un American

I’ve written on this topic of pro sports becoming elitist before so I won’t belabor it too much, but I am confused about why the Major League Baseball would choose to limit the viewing audience of the Giant’s baseball play-offs to TBS.  This channel is not available to people without cable or with basic cable. I think that at some level it’s just plain bad marketing, and at other levels it is turning baseball into a semi-elitist enterprise, sort of like Pro football has done with Monday Night Football. I believe that as these teams are to some degree supported by public money, they must have some obligation to the public.

Now I understand why you have to buy tickets to attend, and why you have to pay to advertise on the televised and radio broadcasts, but why are they limiting the viewing public to those who have money to buy cable access? Limiting the baseball play-offs and Monday Night Football to people with money just seems un American. Perhaps the old phrase “baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie” should be changed to “cable, hot dogs, and apple pie” In this MLB post-season you can’t have the baseball without the cable.