Oregon Beavers Paid to Monitor Hawaiian Ducks

beaverswbinocsI found another cool grant. There is a $25,000 grant from the Fish and Wildlife Service to the Oregon State University (Beavers) to monitor endangered Hawaiian Ducks, in Hawaii…

So not only do the Oregon Ducks get passed over, Beavers are sent to Hawaii to monitor ducks…are there no Universities in Hawaii? Well of course there are, but perhaps their fraternities are the reason that the birds are endangered…

There has to be better reason than Beavers wanting to go to Hawaii…right? Let’s face it, the University of Oregon Ducks would bring a built-in bias to the study and the Rainbow Warriors of the University of Hawaii probably would scare off the duckies…so maybe Beavers are the best choice. These choices are beyond me.

Read more about this excellent grant here.


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