Beware the Brave New World Born in Egypt

One of the great lessons of what is going on in the Middle East is that the Internet can help bring dramatic and rapid change.Egypt is a cautionary tale - protesters

I doubt that the power of the Internet is now lost on the youth of America.  I believe that what happened in Egypt can now happen here. The economic crisis could cause people to become just as dissatisfied and yearn for change just as anxiously.

I think it could actually happen even more quickly.  I think it could happen even more violently because there is little gun control. 

People here would not have to steal guns from the army the way they’ve done in Libya.  Here in America, people own their own.  It’s scary really.

I wonder what kind of ad hoc army could be quickly assembled using the Internet to resolve dissatisfaction with a difficult time of hunger or poverty.

I would think that people in power would do anything in their power to keep people in this country from reaching such a point of dissatisfaction.  It is in their best interest to do so.  It is in the best interest of us all, but I dare say at what cost do we try to keep the people happy enough not to follow Egypt’s example?

It is a fearful scenario.  Large scale hunger, unemployment, anger and lots of powerful guns could initiate rapid changes using the Internet that have in the past required some seminal event.  Now, it seems, such change could be initiated by a Tweet.

I do not envy the politicians, the economists, or the bankers; these who need to strike a dreadfully careful balance in the new world that awoke for the first time in Egypt to the true power of connectivity.