California Drought Pictures

I had the opportunity to visit my aunt in Paradise, California which sits on a ridge to the north and west of the Feather River and Oroville Dam.  I decided to drive down Pentz Road which runs along the east side of Paradise on my way home so I could take a look at the level of the lake.  These are the pictures I took.  The upper parking lot was full of houseboats in dry dock and the remaining boats in the water hundreds of feet below the picnic area have little space left.  These pictures remind me of the lake during the 1970’s when we experienced a severe drought.  A dry winter could leave all these boats in dry dock for the coming year.

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  1. Would it be OK with you if I put up these pictures on a community college bulletin board display about drought in california? Not looking for any commercial gain, they’d just be up on a bulletin board outside the science building.

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