California Governor

Interesting race coming up for governor, Republican Meg Whitman will take on former Governor Jerry Brown for the post in November. I find it fascinating that Meg’s camp is touting the fact that she’s an outsider when current Governor Arnold, as an outsider, has had real problems getting things done because he’s been rather politically neutralized and from where I sit. Arnold came in on the same campaign slogan Meg is using, “Change Sacramento from the Outside!” It simply didn’t work putting the outsider Arnold in there and while Meg may be a good Board Room brawler, it isn’t the same skill set as being politically astute and effective.

Jerry Brown has years and years and years of decisions and statements and political positions to overcome, I can’t wait to see Meg’s hatchet team of advertisers begin to dismantle the Brown image (whatever that is at this point).

Hard to believe that the Democrats don’t have a better candidate than Jerry Brown at this point.

It should be interesting, and probably very ugly.