Can Someone Question Santa Claus Bernie?

Bernie is expounding on the $15 an hour minimum wage and his crowds scream with glee behind and in front of him as he does. But nobody is asking him about the apparent contradiction in all this horse shit. His $15 dollar an hour raise is not going to be paid for by the rich, it is going to be paid for by all the screeching adolescents attending his rallies. They don’t realize they will have less money in their pockets, not more. $15 an hour is only spreading their limited wealth downward and ensuring that people earning minimum wage have less incentive to improve their lot, get educated, and move up the ladder.

Hey Bernie, I want to ask him, WHO is going to pay the price for this $15 an hour “living wage” for guys who dropped out of school, illegal immigrants with a 5th grade education, and a lot of other people who are unemployable in most other circumstances for lack of education, job skills, and a host of other reasons. I worked at McDonald’s starting at 15 and a half because it was a starting job, a good starting job. McDonald’s is now staffed by people who find themselves in a situation in which the best job they can get is dropping frozen potatoes into hot oil. It’s a career move, not a starting job.

I want to ask Bernie who he thinks is going to pay for the raise for these people. Are the rich going to pay? You bet your sagging ass they’re not going to pay. You think the rich will absorb this cost and not raise prices? You think the rich are eating at fast food joints? You think the rich are shopping at WalMart?

Uh, yeah right, that’s how it will go Bernie. Bernie Sanders is asking us all to keep less of what we earn to give McDonald’s workers a raise. We’re all going to share more of our income with a bunch of people who should be working their ass off to get an education and rise above the role of potato dunker.

But nobody questions the lies about the minimum wage that Bernie and others are selling. The imbeciles at his rallies don’t ask questions, they cheer him. Yay Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, feel the Bern, Bernie Bernie, Bernie. IMBECILES

I don’t want to give my money to people who didn’t work their way through college and earn a degree, the people who didn’t work their asses off to pay their student loans off, the people who for whatever reason have relegated themselves to a flipping burgers and emptying grease pits. I graduated from high school and worked my way through college in minimum wage jobs.

I am so sick of this Bernie Sanders’ bullshit, his crowds of people without the ability to think critically, the smoke and mirrors of a multiple-term Senator who talks as though he just arrived on the scene with these new and “brilliant ideas”. I am sick and tired of Santa Claus Bernie’s promises of free stuff for everyone. He’s not telling the truth, he isn’t Santa Claus. Like Santa, “Bernie” is fiction.

And his supporters stand there stupid and smiling, they squeal with delight in full childish expectation of the gifts and ribbons and bows and wrapping and labels that most assuredly WILL NOT be coming to them. Time to grow up and get to work.

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