Carley Fiorina Who Are You?

The fact that Barbara Boxer has not even published a single ad countering Carley Fiorina tells me she’s not too worried about FIROINA’S candidacy (A sad thing for Republicans I think). Ms. Carly was FIRED from HP for something unexplained; but in her next career choice, she’s running for a seat in the Senate to run the USA. Conde Nast Portfolio listed her as one of the “20 Worst CEOs of All Time”. Should she not run some commercials telling us the truth about herself? On TV, Carley looks like an overstressed, bolemic Silicon Valley refugee and not someone I want in charge of my country. If she wants me to vote for her, shouldn’t her campaign pitch be MORE than just a denegration of Boxer? Who are you Carley Fiorina? Why should we trust you when the Board at HP did not?