Cranky About “Deep Cleaning”

So maybe it’s just me, but I doubt it.

Business being business, and medicine being business, where did this deep cleaning in dentistry come from? Suddenly after like 46 years of owning teeth, they need to scrape my teeth all the way down to my tonsils? Give me a break, it’s an excuse to do the same old cleaning, the same old way, using lots of Novocaine and calling it “deep cleaning”. It’s a scam (unless my immigrant dentist is reading in which case I am TOTALLY OK with whatever you do with a stainless steel needle in your hands).

So tonight I taste my beer on one side of my mouth (because they are only allowed to do one half of the mouth at a time by the insurance companies – huh? What the? How does this reduce anyone’s cost?)

But I am still a thankful – albeit cranky dental patient – person.

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2 Replies to “Cranky About “Deep Cleaning””

  1. My parents are in there 80’s and have there own teeth. They have never had a deep cleaning. Today my daughter 22 yrs. old, who has never had problems with her teeth was told she needed a deep cleaning??? Whats up with this!
    It’s a new scam, but what can you do? a dentist will not work on your teeth unless you have this done.
    I can’t afford it, guess I’ll have false teeth in a few yrs.

  2. right on, I believe it’s along the same lines as the auto dealers selling you “scotch guard” on your new upholstery, come on sheepeople…

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