Cranky Bullets on a Thursday Morning


·         I think if the Spaniards want to look like the Chinese, they might try winning more gold medals instead of stretching their eyeballs.

·         So America, one of your “friends with benefits” (i.e., oil) just got invaded by one of your “former” enemies…anyone recall the beginning of WWII?  Everyone sat back and said oh well, it’s just a small insignificant country that Hitler invaded, then he invaded another, then another…

·         Condoleeza said to a Russian reporter the other day that it isn’t 1968; well girlfriend, it isn’t 1938 either, it’s 2008 and Houston, we have a big problem Babushka.

·         Hitler started his attempt to regain all the German territory lost in WWI and a lot more by “annexing” Austria in 1938…and the world stood by and blinked.

·         Are we seeing the start of Putin’s march to recapture the lost satellites of the Soviet Union?

·         Such a massive display of military force is meant to accomplish more than the mere support of Russians in South Ossetia.  But what?

o   Instill fear in all of the breakaway countries?

o   Encourage internal defections to Russia similar to Ossetia?

o   Demonstrate to the world that Russia answers to no country or the UN?

o   Military adventurism by a leader with larger designs?

o   Military target practice for further expansion plans?

o   Diplomatic leverage?

o   Oil?  Hmmm… the old wisdom was “follow the money” to the root of all evil, now you only have to follow the oil.

·         The question is probably answered by South Ossetia.  The question now is whether the world has an answer.

·         America supposedly went to war to establish democracy in Iraq, will it go to war to support a democracy in Georgia?

·         Some in our government are saying that Russia should face consequences for its actions.  I wonder what that means?

·         The Pentagon says it does not want to begin a new cold war with Russia.  I wonder if they really are naive enough to think that it ever stopped. 

·         If Putin isn’t a poster boy for the fact that the behind the scenes decision-makers are of the old school, then the Pentagon needs to take off its rose-colored goggles.

·         Or is this really a European issue first?  I haven’t heard much on this from foreign leaders but then our press does a dismal job of covering anything outside our borders except the Olympics.

·         There are some observers who think that Russia’s stranglehold on natural gas supplies to Europe will keep the European leaders walking a very disciplined diplomatic line.

·         I wonder what our old WWII ally China will ever worry about what’s happening in the rest of the world. 

·         How dependent is China on global stability, oil, etc.?

·         Remember the old Chinese curse?  “May you live in interesting times.”

·         I fear that 2008 and beyond are interesting times.






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