Democratic Leadership Needs to Step Aside

I watched part of the Nancy Pelosi Town Hall on CNN tonight. Her performance reflected my thoughts about the Democratic Leadership. They are old, they are doddering, they can’t deliver a single straight sentence. It’s unbelievable that the Democrats continue to keep these people who led the party through the worst three elections in the history of the party, which mind you led to the election of a GOP Congress and President.

Step aside people. Let the young people take over the party. Find a woman politician who can talk without a quaver in her voice, who sounds strong, who can deliver a clear answer to a straight question. Trump is in power because he gives the appearance – to stupid, angry people – that he gives straight answers. He gives the illusion that he is honest and straightforward.

The Democrats keep rolling out the people that THE PEOPLE lost trust in. The politicians who earned the reputation for lying, for getting nothing done, for leading us to Trump. Enough already, dump them in-party before the voters dump them for a Republican. I can’t watch it any longer.