Democrats and Republicans: For the Good of America, Come Together

This is an open letter to Republicans and Democrats – or, if you prefer – Democrats and Republicans,

America is more important than either of you.  It is more important than Rush Limbaugh or Bill Maher.  America is an idea that we’ve all invested in, with our very souls, and no individual is allowed to injure the country.  It’s an idea that people have died for and are still dying for – yes, it’s that important.

So get over yourselves you pundits, you bought-politicians (and which one isn’t), you tea partiers, you radio show adherents.  Get over yourselves because your virulence is poisoning the very political environment you profess to care about.  Get over yourself and agree that compromise is actually fundamental to the political process of America.

But what I fear – what could kill the dream – is that you care more about your ego than you do about America.  You care more about the imaginary “righteousness” of your self-righteous position than about the strength, vitality, and world leadership of America.  You are being narcissistic, and you’re confusing that with being patriotic.

And what’s at stake is more important than you are.  If we let Russia or China or any other country run the world, then the world will plunge into a darkness of dictatorship and degradation of human rights that may be irreversible.

So for the sake of all that is human and good and right, get the hell off your damned soap boxes and talk to each other; it’s just plain sickening.