Denial of False Reality is a Good Thing

Do not mistake my title, I do not advise denial of reality. But I urge you to consider what reality is. I am talking about denying the reality that others, a society or a culture would impose on you. I am talking about denying the judgement that false reality dictates. I am talking about discarding all the shame, guilt and limitations that result from adopting a schackling reality.

Deny it. Deny it all and live your reality. That you are the most beloved of the most high God, a perfect creation of His, not a flawed interpretation of someone else’s imperfect reality.

I see people living in shame, disability, in poverty, in all kinds of states of reality that have no relationship to their true nature. I know the reality they live beneath is false because I see people in the same circumstances who deny that limiting reality and live fully conscious, fully grateful and fully alive.

At six this morning I passed a man who leaned on a cane alone at the darkened entrance of a social service agency. At the curb was what I presumed to be his car, a beaten-up car with a license plate that said disabled person. The sign on the door showed a 9 AM opening time. He intended to wait in that doorway on a old rainy morning for three hours. He would still be there by the time I peeled my morning banana.

I walked along pondering this man. Was he disabled or just living a disabled reality? Did he limit his ability to be abled by accepting someone’s judgement that whatever is wrong with him limits his ability to live fully? Has he integrated a warped reality into his mind and his way of living? It occurred to me that if a man can get out of bed and dress, and if he can drive downtown and stand in a doorway, in the rain, for three hours to be first in line then he is indeed abled and capable at least of three hours work.

Denial causes lots of heartache when harm and hurt and wrongs are denied. Wrongs can be put right when reality is faced and different paths are chosen. But when we are the ones who are harmed or hurt or wronged, we must deny we are fundamentally changed. We must refuse to revise our concept of ourselves as abled. We must not adopt a shattered image of our wholeness. Our reality is what we decide it is, and that we are whole and abled is a powerful guiding reality.

So deny, deny, deny and live your true reality. Reject shame for forgiveness, bitterness for gratefulness, judgement for grace, anger for joy, and loneliness for love. You are complete and accepted by God, just as you are.