Don’t Make Me Think

The world is in decline beause people don't want to think any longer. Everything is too fast, there's too much information. I think the motto of the new age is, "Don't make me think". Tech companies know this to their core, "transparency" is their motto, don't make their customers think and they are more likely to spend, spend, spend. I am a good example, if I come to a web site I have to figure out - think too hard to use - I move on, and quickly.

So translate lack of willingness to think with life in the U.S. We've got people basing their world view on extreme right talk radio, or on extreme left PBS. There's no thinking involved, adopt the comfortable bias and move on. It's a world of people who want to be told what to think because they are too busy (or lazy) to think for themselves, there's no time for processing, for discussion - and - there certainly isn't time for critical thinking, understanding the opposing point of view. Take a position, hold fast, move on, screw anyone who doesn't think like you, that's the basic politic of today in America: we've become a bunch of morons who won't think for themselves because they won't slow down for a minute a READ, THINK, DISCUSS, ACCEPT OPPOSING VIEWPOINTS. No, we're screwed. We've finally turned into the morons the rest of the world was afraid we were, EXEMPLIFIED with Goldman Sachs executives arguing that they didn't cause or promote or benefit from the bubble they, in fact, created (EXCUSE ME, BUT HOLY COW WE ALL ARE SOOOOO STUPID). AND YET, one side will blame the homeowners (because they participated by buying up or borrowing against what they knew was fictitious equity) - or - the other side will blame the fat cat Wall Street vampires for sucking the life out of the country because they either created or were in a position to gain from the hideous fraud, and did so.

But then, I am alive, and free, and have a roof over my head, employed, FRIENDS, FAMILY, HEALTHY, what do I have to complain about? nada MIJO, NADA It all make me cranky as hell though. Grateful and forgiving is the way to start and progress through each day. No need to think too hard beyond those two things really.