#DotheMath – $15 Minimum Wage is Socialism

$15 minimum wage is socialism and Bernie Sanders likes it.
$15 minimum wage does nothing to reduce the gap between rich and poor.

No wonder Bernie Sanders likes the $15 minimum wage, it has the impact of raising the bottom while pulling the middle down. It is a leveling. It is a forced redistribution of already limited wealth of the middle class. It has nothing to do with capitalism and market forces. It has nothing to do with what made America great, that being offering opportunity that encourages people to rise.

Bernie likes the $15 minimum wage because he is a socialist. Perhaps he is at heart a communist. Afterall, if you pay people in servant jobs enough, people with no job skills or education to rise, you rob them of ambition, you rob them of motivation to be entrpreneurial. Why should anyone rise if the government will raise the minimum wage and use it to take from the middle class to give to the poor.

Bernie Sanders thinks he is Robin Hood. In the sample above, you can see how the rise in minimum wage impacts the price per pound of apples. Yes it is a fictitious example, but notice that if the farmer’s profit stays the same we all pay more. And there are a lot more middle class and lower middle class people than rich people who buy apples. You are going to pay this raise, not the rich. They will keep their profit margins intact.

Is Bernie going to give everyone else a raise to pay for all the higher prices? No, he thinks this is great, that the bottom is lifted up and the middle is brought lower while the rich are not affected, SOCIALISM people. #DotheMath

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  1. Right on target again, keep on writing ,,,,,next, free education, health care for everyone.

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