Friday Was Weird

Yesterday was an odd day.  First my refrigerator made ice spikes out of normal tap water for the second time since I’ve lived in this particular location.  Now these may be standard fare in some of your iceboxes but they are an extreme oddity in my life.  These photos below show the two ices cubes from each of the times this has occurred.  For a complete explanation of ice spikes try this link.

 The bigger question is why me and why my fridge.  Am I destined to be sucked into my refrigerator by some spectral presence called Zhoul ala “Ghostbusters”?  Am I in danger of inadvertently serving a spiked ice cube to a guest sparking a terrible lawsuit from a punctured pallet?  Is this some cosmic sign from the past? 

 Is it some message about global warming that I should be paying attention to?  Is there Viagra in my water?

I don’t know that the answer.  The significance of these events eludes me.

So after examining and pondering and photographing my ice spikes yesterday, I went for my walk.  As I was nearing the turn-around point the most surreal sight came into view.  This part of my daily route is in this unbelievable area with towering sycamore trees that form a leafy tunnel over the street and the sidewalks.  The sidewalk stretches out before me long and straight crossing streets each block and passing by gardens and craftsman houses and apartments.  The sun shines brightly through the holes in the canopy and lights up portions of the sidewalk in between the shadows.

There far in front of me and in the exact middle of the sidewalk was the most amazing sight and I did not have my camera with me or it would have made a mini-movie worthy of a cinematography prize.  An Asian woman was walking smoothly toward me. She was dressed in jade green clothing and she carried an tangerine orange umbrella. As she moved along the sidewalk she passed beneath the bright holes in the overhanging leaves alternating between shaded and brightly lighted spaces.  The effect was magical as she walked because the umbrella caught the light slanting in behind her and it had the effect of lighting up behind her.  I watched her entranced by the spectacle but it only lasted for a single block as she turned to her right and crossed a street into the sunny day and was gone.  The spell was broken but if I was a movie maker I’d use that image, it was a spectacular effect.

I made my way back home pondering the magical events of my day.  I wonder at times how much magic I miss and have missed by being too busy or focusing too near my feet or by listening carefully to the conversation in my head rather than the rich vibe all around me.  There is such wonder all around when I slow down enough to look and to hear.  There is such detail and intricacy and meaning wherever I care to look. 

Arriving home and I merged back into my computer chair and resumed my work for the afternoon.

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  1. There is a lesson to be learned here! carry your camera with you on your walks and always remember to smell the Roses or what ever else tickles your Olfactory sense.

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