General Crankiness

I would think that some of the politicians would finally be “getting it” about the public’s disdain for their antics and lack of ability to make decisions about important issues.

Enter the Tea Party and its line-up of oddballs including witches and eye-doctors, perhaps there’s even a witch doctor among them.  What’s amazing to me about all of that is these people, in spite of their off-centeredness, are getting past Republican candidates!?!  What the hell?  And the Republicans are trying to cast our problems as Democratic problems, that seems to me to be a rather hollow argument as Democrats are not the ones being usurped in the primaries.  It remains to be seen if places like Delaware are so tired of the status quo that even a witch will do.

While I agree that a witch would be a change of pace, unless she’s “Glenda” I’d pass on voting for her.

Republicans voted down the attempt to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” which is interesting.  I understand the dilemma, but it’s also interesting that they would want to alienate their Log Cabin Republican brothers.  One of the Republicans, Susan something or other, even stood up before the Senate and said that even though she agrees it should be repealed, she would not vote for it now because it would give the Democrats a victory before the election.  REALLY?  So blatant a display of partisanship is pretty impressive, the honesty is…well…I can’t say it’s refreshing because it’s honest to say what she said, but it’s the height of hypocrisy in America to say that continuing a discriminatory practice is OK if it’s going to hurt the opposition party, even if you disagree with the discrimination.  REALLY?

A Lebanese man got caught in a sting planting what he thought was a bomb at a bar outside Wrigley Field in Chicago.  Probably a “moderate” Muslim…nothing to worry about folks, nothing to see here.  After all, if he was a “radical” Muslim, he would have planted a real bomb.

California’s Legislature is unable to complete a budget in the face of the deficit.  And life goes on here in California in spite of it.  State workers are laid off on most Fridays and I don’t notice anyone complaining about lack of the service; in fact, I notice a lot more complaints about state workers when people actually have to interact with them than when there’s a “closed for furloughs” sign on their office door.  But maybe I don’t run in the right circles.

So I hear that some idiotic organization has determined that the recession ended in 2009…well, blow me down, I should have been seeking a raise and running up my credit cards in giddy anticipation of the trickle down economics…but wait, the trillions in bailout money that went to the top of the food chain doesn’t seem to be trickling down so far, not sure why.  Perhaps it’s because the rich people are investing it and refusing to loan it the way that was intended.  Ah, trickle down poverty is all around, perhaps the agency who pronounced the end of the recession is run by bankers.

Had to laugh at the article in the 9/20/10 Time magazine that is predicting the end of the educational decay in this country due to the Race to the Top funding.  I happen to believe that this is not the case.  Race to the Top would have to completely dictate the form and format of teacher union contracts for Race to the Top to work out the way they want.  The way it is being handed out, it’s all going to be spent BEFORE unions agree to any revisions in their contracts.  This means that it’s going to be spent before any contracts are even amended.  It’s just another grandstanding attempt – as well-intended as it may be – to change American public education into a one-size-fits-all picture of perfection.  Unions must be crushed and teacher tenure must be eliminated or nothing is ever going to change.  And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Race to the Top is all going to be spent on doing more of the same with the same union contracts.  OH, they will find one or two schools that do the right thing with the money, but I predict that overall, the results will be staggering in their mediocrity, and nauseating in the proportion of impact to dollars spent.