Good for Hillary!

Good for Hillary Clinton.  She told those Pakistanis that they’re all but wussies for not taking on Al Qaeda within their own boundaries while the Pakistanis blamed the US for not keeping Al Qaeda at bay from the Afghanistan side of the border.  I say BRAVO for telling it like it is.  Clean your own house.  Like Obama said earlier this year, you can’t expect the US to do it all alone any longer.  We’re fxxing finished paying for your crazy lunatics with the blood of our people.

And some people here are saying, ooooo, risky move, too harsh Hillary.  I say BS.  If the Pakistanis want Al Qaeda to run the country then let them but don’t expect the US to keep them from doing it because the Pakistani’s own government is too riddled with sympathizers and corruption to take real action against them.  What a load of doo-doo.  If they’re a problem, you’ve got a large well-equipped army, you’ve even got nukes!  So go on and take care of your own fleas: scratch that itch yourself!

Yankees got thrashed last night, gotta love that.  Go Phillies, although I don’t really care about the Phillies either.  Not a fan.