Good Guy With A Swiss Army Knife?

swiss army knife400Where is Wayne La Pierre when the TSA needs him? The TSA wants to stop doing something stupid like looking for little tiny knives so it can focus on larger explosives. But the public seems to think terrorists are coming to slay them with a pen knife.

But Wayne, why can’t the good guys be armed too? Wayne La Pierre should be all over this story! It is an opportunity to expand the NRA into the NR&KA – National Rifles & Knives Association.

Come on Wayne, take the stage once more. Say it like you mean it, “A good guy with a Barlow knife IS the only thing that will stop a bad guy with a nail file.” What if some Muslim extremist tweezes someone to death? What will prevent those terrorists from picking hummus out of their toenails all the way to Cleveland?

I am astounded that the government has done such an effective job of cowing the public that people are actually protesting an action that gives back some of our rights.

The government needs to help the public find its balls.

UH oh, there’s a Muslim extremist with a Swiss Army Knife!

Made ya look.