Goodbye Obamacare, Hello Republican Health Care Plan: But Wait, There is No Plan!

House Republicans voted over 60 times since 2011 to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). I heard about this happening over and over again throughout that time and I thought, in my naivete, that those Republicans must have one heck of a super, duper all-American plan to replace ACA since they were so all-fired determined to get rid of Obamacare. I thought that plan was a thing of wonder, a red, white and blue marvel with spiral binding and 3 color printing. That plan inspired my Reagan-esque dreams of unsurpassed Republican expertise in business and economics.

But 2011 is six years ago. If the first vote of the 60 was in 2011, then I assumed the Republicans came up with their plan to replace it before that first vote happened, maybe in 2010, seven years ago. But now that the House and the Senate have both voted in recent days on some legislative maneuver to give them an avenue for repealing Obamacare without working with Democrats at all, I am hearing on television that the GOP has no plan to replace it, no plan? That’s what I am told, they have no plan at all.

So I sit here and scratch my head. I thought that if the Republicans wanted to get rid of the ACA they had to have a plan. But I was wrong. I thought if they had a plan they must know what must be done differently. But, wrong again. But I thought if they moved to repeal it over and over and over again, they must at least agree on what replaces it. Wrong.

I hear on television that the Republicans are NOW scrambling now to create a plan to replace it, scrambling NOW, TODAY, in 2017, after taking over 60 votes to repeal ACA since 2011!

Now, after all the bluster and bullshit of the past 7 years they don’t know what the hell they want to do differently? With millions of people depending on health care and Republicans about to repeal the existing plan without having one in hand to replace it, without ever putting together a plan over the past seven years?

Are you Republicans F’ing kidding me?

What in the unholiest of hells have these conservative, right wing jackasses been doing for seven years? How could they not have a plan? How could it not be written, edited, polished, illustrated, published and ready for action to replace ACA? How can it not be ready to pull off the shelf and bring forward to the American public? How can Republicans not have a plan the they can point to with pride and confidence, one that enables them to say loud and proud, here is why we were so asininely and fervently opposed to Obamacare, and here is why we all voted over 60 times to get rid of the “bad plan”, and here is why, because our “Stupendous, Terrific, Happy Plan” is ready to roll out? ANd how can they not be ready to say of this plan, were there actually one created, “And it, my friends, will solve all issues and problems in health care in America.”

How can the Republican alternative plan not be ready, years ago mind you, for the anticipated stroke of Donald J. Trump’s magnificently phallic gold plated writing instrument?

But maybe the Donald has a plan. He boasted throughout the campaign how bad ACA was and how easy it would be to replace it with something much better, a plan that keeps the good parts and pares away the bad parts. Maybe on a shelf in Trump Tower, above his gold plated toilet there is a Royal Trump Plan just waiting for a ride down the escalator.

Tell me the Republicans have not spent the past seven years doing nothing but taking silly votes to repeal ACA when they should have been producing a plan for its replacement? Tell me they aren’t that incredibly inept and stupid, please, they’re in charge now, a lot is riding on them not being this lame.

I am gob-smacked, and I don’t even know what a gob is.