Greenspan Didn’t See the Trainwreck Coming?

Well here we are a couple weeks out from the election and the examination of the fiscal crisis is in full swing.  Greenspan is before the Congress as the high and mighty want to know what wrecked the train.  What caused it to derail, who was driving, who was the conductor, who, who, who!!??

Well, all the stupid jerks ought to look in the mirror.  They couldn’t see this train wreck coming?  They couldn’t see that the stupid people buying houses they obviously couldn’t afford were going to go belly up?  They couldn’t see that there were millions of people going into hideous levels of credit card debt?  They couldn’t see all this?

What are they stupid?  Are they blind?  Are they ignorant?  What is it that they want to know that they couldn’t see before the wreck happened?  There were a bunch of people riding in first class on the train who financed their ticket to ride.  Get a freakin’ clue Congress!

Looks like it’s going to be President Obama and not President McCain.  I think that in the big picture it’s probably a good thing.  We are going to need a good talker, a good motivator over the next four years.  We are going to need someone who can give us good speeches sort of like good old Mom who took care of us when we had the flu.  Someone who can coo and put cold compresses on our heads and give us baby aspirin we don’t want to take.

Obama is going to be better at all of that than McCain.  McCain likes to hang out with other crusty old farts like Phil Graham who thought we all had a mental disorder in thinking we were in a recession.  I am still wondering where this genius of fiscal foresight is today.  I hope he moved to Bangladesh to give them advice because they sure need him.  McCain and his grumpy old men need to retire and leave the country to people who aren’t too cynical yet.

Gas is dropping like a rock.  So nice.  Yet, I wonder since the gas in California was around 5 a gallon a few months ago and that resulted from a price per barrel that is double what it is now, why isn’t my gasoline costing me 2.50 per gallon?  Why is it still over 3 dollars?  CROOOKS!!!!!!!  Dirty rotten CROOOKSS!!!!!

I want a horse for Christmas, and a coral and a barn full of hay.  Then I will sell my Honda and ride to work.  Me and my pony, and that’s not a lot of horseshit either.

What else in the world is happening?  I don’t know because I live in the US where we don’t seem to believe that there is a world beyond our borders a lot of the time.  Fortunately I get BBC on satellite radio so once in a while I tune in to see if England is still floating out there across the pond.

Greenspan says that nobody was smart enough to see what was going to happen.  Man, I thought he was a smart guy.  All he had to do was ask me, I could have told him.  The train was wobbling, the train was losing wheels, the train was full of freeloaders, the train was nearly to the end broken end of the tracks hanging off a cliff.  Alan really, you have to be kidding me, you saw it, you’re lying if you say you didn’t.  I saw it, my friends saw it, we all talked about it Alan!  You should have some to my BBQ’s Alan.

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  1. Greenspan’s measly little apology was such a pathetic cop-out. Just like a kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar, looking at Mom and sayin’ “sorry, Mom..I thought there were carrots in there. I didn’t know, and it’ll never happen again”……Mom forgives him, and he hits the cookie jar another day…when she’s not lookin’ anymore. It was pathetic!

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