Healtcare Debate = A Schoolyard Brawl

It is an interesting feature of the current health care debate that what we are actually debating is so ill-defined by both sides.  Oh, both Democrats and Republicans both agree that health care needs a makeover, but that’s about all they seem to have in common on the issue.  Or do they?  From where I sit there aren’t enough details on either side to even make a comparison on their approaches.

The lack of details is somewhat maddening.  I don’t know what the Democrats are working on and that could simply be my laziness.  The information may well be out there but like most busy people I need it fed to me in comprehensible bites because I am not likely to wade into the bill language.

Likewise, the Republicans aren’t laying out their plan.  No details, and folks, just not liking the Democratic plan isn’t a plan at all; especially when there isn’t a plan not to like except the fact that it’s from the Democrats.

So there’s nothing to bite into and the debate is degenerating into a really ugly affair.  You’ve got Rush Limbaugh calling Nancy Pelosi the equal of a Nazi for crying out loud.  Is that necessary or even helpful?

So what do we have?  Nothing, nada, bupkus except a schoolyard brawl.  Obama is a smart guy, he sees this happening – did he anticipate this level of disruption?  Did he want this level of divisiveness?  is this some huge miscalculation on his part? Should he have laid out the plan from A-Z, slapped Boehner’s cheeks and thrown down the gauntlet?

I want to see a leadership change on Obama’s part in this debate, hit us with the facts and just the facts man.  I want a series of online videos about the specifics of your plan and I want brochures, and I want them soon. 

I really need health care but I really don’t want the insurance company lobbyists dictating the format of it.  I also want the opportunity to see what the Republicans have too so I can compare the options.

I want some leadership from the Republicans.  I want them to lay out their plan in a series of videos and in simple, easy to read brochures.  Even the insurance companies can do that for us.  They show the plans and the costs and the benefits.  They should be embarrassed to show us, but they do it.

So Democrats, I want no more vague platitudes about “organizing healthcare”.  Republicans, I want no more mud-slinging to cover the fact that you don’t want to outline a plan either. Come on kids, let’s get our collective s**t together on this, it’s too important. And you, Rush Limbaugh, wash your mouth out with soap and take a time out; you’re really taking yourself way too seriously dude.