Heat in the Kitchen

Republicans need to get out of the kitchen. If they don’t like being asked about the mean things they say about each other then they should stop saying mean things about each other.

The outcry about the media and the dispute with NBC indicates that the Right wants to silence the free media. They want to control debates and limit the kinds of questions they are asked because they’re afraid of being confronted with their own ugliness.
Ben Carson said on TV this morning that he didn’t think what people said in the past is relevant. He doesn’t want people asked about the things they’ve said in the past. I guess that means in a Carson Presidency the media would be silenced, censored, and edited by the Government.

If Ben Carson and Cruz and whoever else can’t stand the heat of an open media in a democracy must take their names off the ticket. Freedom of the press is paramount and a strength.

If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.