I Hate Leaf Blowers

Each Tuesday the gardener comes to my workplace and each Tuesday he spends about a half hour – seems like much more – moving round leaves and debris outside the office with his leaf blower. This greenhouse gas emitting monstrosity sounds like a small 2 cycle motorcycle being constantly rev’d up. Even on a day like today when the wind is blowing steadily, this ardent leaf blowing enthusiast battles the wind and blows leaves in front of him while mother nature blows them back in behind him. On some days, as I try to read or write, I have the violent urge to pull his spark plug cord off the top of his spark plug and snip it in two pieces with my scissors, slap him on both cheeks and challenge him to a duel, leaf rakes at 50 paces. But I don’t, being a peaceful sort of person, instead I just inhale the leaf blowing fumes and write cranky blogs. It helps me through Tuesday, at least until next week.

One Reply to “I Hate Leaf Blowers”

  1. I have exactly the same feelings about the leaf blower. During the summer, it gets even worse, with dueling leaf blowers from around the neighborhood competing for attention. Now I understand why some cities have banned them.

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