Immigration Law in Arizona

Interesting debate sparked by Arizona, know for its extremely right-wing politics. The basic thing is Arizonans – or Arizoni – want local law enforcement to arrest people who are breaking the immigration laws. It’s out of frustration with the Federal Government failure to secure the borders.

On the surface, it seems like a logical thing to do because A) law enforcement’s most fundamental job is after all, law enforcement; B) illegal immigrants are here, well, illegally; C) there is terrible unemployment here and it’s hard for a citizen to find a job.

So what to do? Arizona’s answer is to arrest and deport.

So now we get into the immigrant politics. Ever heard of the Nortenos and the Surenos? These are gangs in California they also use the monikers of the 13’s and the 14’s. So why two Mexican gangs you may ask? Well the answer is simple, Mexicans who are born here don’t like Mexicans who are illegal, they even call the immigrants “Scraps”. Why you may ask? Well, I’ve asked a few people and the answer is simple, for the same reasons that everyone else doesn’t like them coming illegally – simply this – they take jobs at lower wages than those of us who pay taxes can afford to.

Plain and simple. But wait a minute, is it?

I wish it were so simple. An interesting thing happened on my way to take pictures of the protest, I cam across numerous crews of illegal immigrants mowing the lawns of the people marching. Now, you may say, WAIT A MINUTE YOU CRANKY OLD FART, and they’d be right. I don’t have evidence the people marching hire illegals, but I found it fascinating that there were whole crews of them mowing and trimming and leaf-blowing on my way to the see the protest at California’s Capitol.

Interestingly, passing behind me an elderly couple observing the procession from across the street personified the divide of people walking on opposite sides of that street.  The old man called out “Good for Arizona”.  I don’t think he was heard above the “Si se puede!” chanting of the thousands.

Long ago I was part of a group that supported and promoted the success of Latinos in my town. I was the sole gringo on the Board. A comment back in 1994 caught my ear. One guy on the Board commented in Spanish that Latinos have a “feurza” from So. Cal to San Jose and that it was growing and getting stronger. His conviction was that California was destined to become a Latino State and anyone who has been to LA lately would likely agree.

A guy I worked for in about 1978 who had been a labor organizer in the Central Valley told me and I quote, “They’re taking it back without firing a shot.” Meaning that the Mexican workers were coming in mass numbers and taking control of the state by sheer numbers, and without violence.

Jared Diamond in “Guns, Germs, and Steel” asserted that one culture overcame another either by superior technology or through disseminating them by infecting them with diseases they were unable to resist. I think he overlooked a key concept, reproduction in overwhelming numbers. Diamond missed an additional concept that should have been added, superior libido combined with almost total disregard for upward mobility. Latinos like many 3rd world people are more interested in ensuring their comfortable old age than in providing ski vacations. They’d rather pay to feed 8 kids than take two to Disneyland every summer. They know that their survival as older people, seniors, doesn’t rely on a 401k but the willingness and ability of their children to care for them. They come from a different system, a different culture, and this culture says reproduce, be fruitful and multiply, and they are, and they’re overwhelming the whites because they have more kids.

So this thing in Arizona is one of the last acts of a dying culture, a shrinking ethnicity (at least percentage-wise in the border states), a dying idea – and it’s dying or at the very least on the wane on several levels. Whites are still in power politically, but their days are numbered. Whites are still in power financially, but their days are numbered. Whites are no longer in the majority, their number is up.

Will Latinos do it better than whites. I’m not hopeful about that, just look at the corruption of the Latino countries where bribery (mordidas) is just part of doing business and living. Unless the Latinos coming here are doing so to discard old, failed ways, it’s going to be a mess, but there’s no stopping it. My advice, learn Spanish and get ready to pay mordidas to do business.