Internet Frauds, Liars, and Pickpockets

The Global Marketplace The Internet is populated by pickpockets, thieves, scheisters, and rubes.

I suppose I should not be surprised at this point in life that they’re all out there, it’s just that I’ve done my best to avoid the places where they congregate until now. The Internet is not avoidable, it’s a necessity, and they all know it and they’re swarming all over the Internet like piranhas.

Doing business on the Internet is like stepping in dog poop every day. You get bombarded with poop offers from phony companies run by shitheads.

In example, I am working on backlinking to a web site. So I was looking at the backlinks of a competitor and contacting the backlinks to see if I could get my foot in the door there too. I emailed one asking if we could be added to their list of resources.

This is the response I received, “Thanks for your email. However, I saw very little free information on your site that we do not already offer but more promotional material for services you company offers for a fee. If you wish to advertise on our site I would be happy to discuss that option with you. You may also want to view: (their advertising rates, the rats).”

I know a fraud in my field when I see one. Aside from the fact that he can’t write in standard English., this schmuck claims to be a non-profit expert but lists no clients because he’s never served a nonprofit client. He provides no stats on what he’s done for his clients because he has no clients; I checked him out, he has a bottling company. He built a large web site based on links to other people’s web sites and based on his serving on Boards for nonprofits in the past which no doubt happened because he has money and the ability to donate to them. He’s using his Board memberships as evidence that he’s a nonprofit expert. That’s it…he can afford donate, so he’s an expert, and he’s selling himself as a nonprofit consultant when he really just runs a web site that sells nonprofit advertising.

Holy crap, what a fraud this guy is. Like I said, the Internet is populated with pickpockets, frauds, thieves, liars, scheisters, and cheats. I’m not sure if this dude is all of those things, but the fact that he’d pitch me by insulting me tells me he’s a fraud.