Invitation to Lead by Lies

I watched the election since Donald Trump entered the race and I wondered at how Republicans could accept that he lies, constantly. I don’t appreciate or trust people who lie to me. But the Trump GOP supporters appear to eat it up.

I confronted one about a lie on Twitter and when I had him cornered and he couldn’t deny that Trump had lied his response was, “I don’t care that he lies.”

Last night on the news I watched Obama at a rally in North Carolina. A protester was ushered out carrying his Trump sign and jeered by the crowd. Obama stopped everyone. He told everyone to show respect for the man because he had served in the military, that he was expressing his right to free speech, that he was elderly and that they should all respect their elders.

Then I saw Trump speaking to a crowd about the incident at a rally somewhere. His description of Obama’s response to the protester was that Obama had yelled at the man. He told the crowd they won’t believe it when they see it. His GOP supporters cheered and jeered and he egged them on. All with a lie, a horrible, obvious, insidious lie. He said the President did something that he did not, in fact what Trump told them was exactly opposite of what Obama did.

Is there a lie that will cause Trump’s Republican supporters to stop in their tracks and say, “Holy shit he thinks I am stupid!” is there a lie that would force then to look in the mirror and ask, “If he tells such obvious lies to me now, why would he stop when he becomes president?” And if he’s willing to tell such easily disproved lies that try to tear down the character of people who oppose him, and if his staff and surrogates are so willing to support his lies to tear down other people, then what will the country become if Trump is president? How will he govern if his key strategy is to lie and destroy people who oppose his views? Isn’t that the strategy of a dictator? Isn’t that what leaders of the worst world governments do?

Is there a lie that breaks the camel’s back? It is after months and months and months of blatant lying, a question that haunts me and makes me fearful for our country. I was taught at University that people have the government they deserve. Perhaps a Trump government of lies is what we deserve and if it is, woe to us all.

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  1. Trumps approach is reminiscent of Nazi Germany…Feed the people Lies, Fear and Hate, destroy anyone that apposes you. Trump is psychopathic, make no mistake, if he wins the White House, God help us all.

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