Is God Still Creating?

So yesterday I’m taking my walk and I come to the corner where I intend to turn and head north and I notice a large green Pochote Tree. It’s one of those fascinating trees with large thorns adorning its trunk and all its branches. I admire it as I pass by and wonder why I never noticed it before. It makes me think about how creative God is.

The Bible tells us that God created the heavens and the earth and all of the things here living and not living. So God is a very creative being I think to myself. God must have an awesome CAD program. The Bible doesn’t say that God stopped creating it only says he rested. I think God took a nap and went back to work. I’m pretty sure He didn’t stop creating because he creates babies of all species all the time, new flowers, new stream beds and oxbow lakes. The Bible does not say that pursuant to Article 21.534 of the Universal Code that all creation has been completed and anyone creating beyond the sixth day is a false God. It says He thought it was good, it doesn’t say he thought it was complete. It’s like God created the canvass and now he is extremely involved with painting in all of the details.

No, I think God is still creating which brings to mind a thought I had. How would we know when God creates something new? There are news reports sometimes that such and such a scientist has discovered a new species of eel somewhere in the Indian Ocean or a new slug in the Amazon. How do we know that God didn’t just finish a new drawing and schematic, touch the screen with his finger and POP!, there is a new little creature for us to discover and enjoy? You know, like those Toyota Yaris commercials where the little tiny cars pop into being from out of nowhere?

How do we know that a discovery of a new species isn’t evidence of new creation? I’m not sure if Darwin never talked about that as a possibility. Spontaneous creation like spontaneous combustion where all of the elements are just right and POOF!, up rises a new creature, a “little bang” of sorts.

I suppose someone would have to witness the creature actually popping into being. I guess a scientist would have to be looking at a fern all goggle-eyed behind a looking glass when suddenly POW! a flash of light and a tearing of the visual air and there is a new slimy slug softly floating down to the fern. But we probably would call the scientist a madman if such a story were to be told. Nobody would believe him, we’d all say the poor man had some rare tropical disorder, or that he was overworked, or that his looking glass was faulty.

Sometimes we find a species that has been evident in the fossil record for many years. Suddenly, someone finds one and there it is in living breathing color! Like that prehistoric (formerly) fish, the Coelacanth that was “rediscovered” in 1938. Everyone went, wow, how’d we miss that all these years at the sushi bar? Maybe that week in 1938 was Jurassic Week on God’s calendar and he decided to give us a retro-fish, like someone restoring a ’57 Chevy and putting grease in their hair for a 50’s week at high school. Maybe God was just having a theme.

If you know anyone creative then you know that their creativity is a gift and something of a mental disorder all at the same time. For creative people, the myriad of options they can “see” in their mind sometimes leads to extreme lack of finality to anything they attempt. I wonder sometimes if God isn’t a little like that too. I mean if the earth was finished on day 6 then why blow up a volcano? Why shift whole continents in some galactic game of bumper cars? Why send a flood to Iowa to move cubic tons of earth around? He’s not done creating I think.

Some schools of thought on God and creation are that we and everything here on earth are an expression of God. This way of thinking isn’t so far outside the Christian tradition. Jesus was after all God incarnate who came to earth to experience the weaknesses and joys of being human. It was a creative exercise for God. It makes me a little nervous though because what if God tires of a creation, what does he do with it if he does?

How do we know that God didn’t come into the world as a dinosaur and decide, wow, these animals really suck, back to my CAD program, time for a new idea. What if He feels the same way about us? What if He made us to create for Him, as an expression of Him? What if we have already created all the best stuff and it’s standing like Michelangelo’s “David” in museums. Or what if he’s tired of us all sitting on our sofas waiting for us to get busy creating again? What if there’s nowhere else to go within the limits of our creative mind? Will God decide that’s it, time to redesign, to POP! a newer and improved model into being?

Sometimes when I’m walking I use my blue tooth device and talk to people on the phone. It’s hysterical, you should try it sometime. People I pass give me wary looks that scream, “If you come near me I’ll wet myself!” I try to pass them on the side that hides the device on my ear just for fun. If they could hear the thoughts in my head as I am walking they might wet themselves anyway. My creative mind is always working and it’s never finished, and sometimes all it takes is a thorny tree to set it into motion.