Is Lack of STABILITY the Death of Capitalism?

It seems counter-intuitive doesn’t it? Capitalism could end BECAUSE of greed? I mean, don’t we all assume at some basic level that capitalism is driven by greed and therefore, greed is inherently good and representative of success in our economic system? That becoming rich, earning one’s fortune, is the basic purpose of education and work?

I think that Capitalism is going to end because there is a higher need than to be wealthy; and therefore, a more important underpinning to the human psyche that the desire for more and greater riches.

HUMANS WANT STABILITY (and Capitalists don’t get it)

What threatens to undermine Capitalism according to the Right?

WHY GOVERNMENT, of course – large, out of control government  – which threatens Capitalism with its endless demands for redistribution of wealth, for the well-being – YEA THE STABILITY- in the lives of all people, not just for the wealthy.

I’ve been wondering what the hell is changing in our country, or which has already changed, and I think it is this;

CAPITALISM stopped offering stability for the USA in favor of stability within the GLOBAL economy (which is failing), in reality that means STABILITY of corporate earnings within the global economy as opposed to stability within the USA. So to hell with the US worker, the average “Joe” who was willing to trade his entire life to the company for the stability he needed to raise a family, own a little box of a house, to put shoes on his kids’ feet and food into their mouths. Capitalists are revealed, they don’t give a damn about America, only about their Swiss bank accounts.

THAT is the truth that everyone understands, and THAT is why Mitt Romney lost, and THAT is why capitalism is DOOMED. We used to revere the rich, and now we suspect them with good reason, now they use our country to make a fortune and then flee when the times get tough. They flee when the wages are cheaper elsewhere. They flee to tax havens like the Caymen Islands. They give up their green cards or citizenship and go back to their native country when the US tax benefits are no longer kissing their corporate asses.

I recently thought about my uncle who worked for over 40 years with the same company, Matthews Conveyor, which became Rexnord, which was bought out or God knows who…

What happened? My uncle, after 40+ years for a single company in two different countries, day-after-day – and hating it -until he lost his job when the company was sold.

Try to find a company today, especially a manufacturing company in the USA, where you could work for 40 years! Try to find company which has a foothold in an industry so firmly planted in the USA that you could raise your family on your income working there – even if you HATED the job – for 40 plus years, see your grandchildren born, and still commute to work every day of your life and be assured that you had retirement and a salary that was sufficient, NOT GRAND by any stretch, but enough if you were frugal. Not likely today is it?


I’ll tell you where it is and why it is popular, GOVERNMENT JOBS GIVE STABILITY. In the stability of a government job, or in the stability of a disability check, or in the stability of a retirement check, or in the stability of a government union contract. I walk past the windows showing me the empty desks of the California Department of Public Health every morning in the dark on my way to a private industry job, this is when the only person at the Health Dept. is the security guard. And I walk past those empty desks in the opposite direction each evening when it is dark, not a soul working beyond their contracted day, not once in four years, and WHY are they all empty? Why am I working before them and after them every day? I don’t have a government job. My job is based on earning money. Their job is based on processing paper, their budget is assured, and a task can always be done tomorrow.

STABILITY!!! They are not accountable for anything that could cost them their jobs, every deadline is soft, and no deadline will ever determine whether they get a paycheck.

STABILITY is what government workers want and that why they endure the rules and the regulations and the brain-killing bureaucracy. It is STABLE employment that can’t be shipped overseas. Who can blame them? I see the fat middle-aged guy puffing his pipe ( it smells like my uncle’s pipe tobacco) every day outside the coffee shop which is part of the health department building. He sits ignoring signs posted by the coffee shop that smoking is not allowed like a bearded Bhudda in the semi light, puffing away contentedly because he is in no hurry, the work will be there later, even more assuredly his paycheck will be there every month without fail.

LIMITED ACCOUNTABILITY FOR MAXIMUM STABILITY. California is becoming a communist state and we do not even see it happening. Forget socialism, when the most powerful unions in the state are government unions, then government is no longer of and by the people, it is OF AND BY THE GOVERNMENT. The tail is wagging the golden dog.

And who do I blame? CAPITALISTS whose global corporate greed led to flagrant disregard for the most basic human need.

STABILITY Yes, Mitt the Twitt is to blame, he and his Wall Street cronies are the culprits. Who among the average Joes ever voted on some Board to liquidate a company and establish a plant in Saigon? Not one single average Joe ever voted to do that. It was the rich, the Capitalists who buy million dollar condos at Northstar, whose children spit off the balcony on the average Joes who spent half a weeks’ wages for a lift ticket and a Starbucks latte.

YES, there is a separation in the USA, there is a separation from reality. The Right Wing nut job radio fools are selling out to corporate wealthy in exchange for the scraps from their table. They deliver performance art and people still clinging to the hysterically quaint notion that the wealthy want them to join them at their dinner table as soon as they’ve “made it” lap up the anger and vitriol against the ridiculous idea of STABILITY.

Yet this election proved that STABILITY is what people really yearn for, not capitalistic entrepreneurial-ism  not risk and reward for the 1%. Not even riches unless it comes easily some effortless lottery dream with not risk. It is statistically impossible to have more than 1% in the 1%, and the 1% know this and sell smoke and mirrors to the 99% through talk radio. And so many are so ignorant to the most basic facts of mathematics that they buy in to the bullshit.

Are people today any different from 100 years ago? Did anyone 100 years ago really think they would be the next Crocker, Getty, or Carnegie? Hell not they didn’t, that was their lottery, they thought that stability of a good job in a good company was all right and the American way. Government work was mostly for schmucks who couldn’t make the grade and were willing to accept less.

But today children are being fed by the government at school while their parents trade their food stamps for junk food or sell them for cash outside the grocery stores. Breakfast, lunch, and yes DINNER are NOW being served by Title I schools around the country. Soon there will be dormitories so their parents are absolved of everything except nine months of carrying the child. The government will wean and suckle every child, and indoctrinate them to the wonders of government work. STABILITY! It was not so long ago that breakfast wasn’t even part of the daily school menu, only lunch. Children are being taught that STABILITY and SUSTENANCE comes from government, not from parents, not from home and family; rather it comes from a sterile public building and from a nameless staff wearing hair nets, and plastic gloves.

But make no mistake, STABILITY is what people want, riches may be what they dream about and don’t believe in. But if the CAPITALISTS can’t offer better than 5 years of employment before they’re moving to China or Vietnam, then you better damned well believe that the good ol’ USA is destined to socialism or communism by democratic vote.

People want STABILITY and right now Capitalists are greed soaked in global riches and do not need the USA. But it doesn’t matter what their motivation is, they’ll kill the root of their wealth if they kill the STABILITY that keeps American workers motivated to slave away for their families believing that they can count on their employer for the long term. They will kill the stable platform their businesses were built upon and therefore kill their own success. They will be forced to deal with one banana republic after another. But perhaps so long as some country offers no taxes or accountability for their money and investments, they’ll just flee to that shelters.

Maybe the Capitalist fantasy was shattered long ago and that’s why we deteriorating. That’s why people go belly up on their creditors, because they perceive that the same damned people they owe have already gone belly up on them.

Perhaps the deteriorating ethics in credit is based on distrust of CAPITALISTS. Why should people offer the wealthy any more STABILITY in repaying debt than they’re being offered in their income? STABILITY works both ways, it cuts both ways, as CAPITALISTS are now learning: offer none, expect none.

Make no mistake, PEOPLE are motivated by STABILITY and government jobs are offering STABILITY at a time when CAPITALISTS are not, and I question if they ever will again. And if they do not wake up, Capitalism may well be finished in America.

Why is Government STABLE? You can’t ship IRS jobs to China, can you?