Is Trump a Trojan Horse?

Trump’s act appeals to the old and the angry. I look like them but just as most moderate Muslims are not terrorists, I am not an angry old right winger. But the physical resemblance causes me to get some rather dour looks from young people these days. I feel like I should perpetually wear a Hillary or a Bernie t-shirt.

I have a fantastic idea. What if Trump is really working for the Democrat Party? What if Donald is crazy like a fox and is in league with Hillary? He knows his act is dividing the Republicans from the general population and destroying, for the moment, their hopes of gaining the White House. He must know if he is the nominee he will bring the GOP party down. Yet he persists in championing the Coalition of the Angry against the good of the GOP.

What if Donald Trump is carrying out the greatest Trojan Horse act since the Trojan Horse? Picture it, he rolls up in his creaking anger horse concealing his Democrat leanings. His horse snorts fire and bellows thunder but it’s all theater and the real Donald Trump is hiding inside.

I don’t know if this idea is just my version of a communist behind every bush, but I am positive that Trump is out for Trump. Whether he works for the Democrats or really thinks he can spread anger and fear wide enough to engulf the entire country and get elected I do not know. But it isn’t beyond Trump to play the part of an angry Right Wing shill if there’s money in it.

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