It’s Magic! Just Wash George’s Face

OK, I have a great secret to divulge that I have kept mostly to myself for many years. Are you ready for the key to successful junk food vending?

I know how to get those resistant dollar-sucking machines to take about 95% (not a scientific measurement) of the dollar bills in your wallet. Now the really horrid, torn and worn ones are still going to get spit back out again, but this little technique has worked most of the time for me. If the machine takes your dollar in and then spits it back out at you like a dog rejecting a milk bone; lick your thumb and wipe it across George’s face. Now put the bill back into the machine and most of the time the machine takes it. That’s it, wash George’s face with your thumb and reinsert your dollar. I don’t recommend licking the bill, unless you enjoy infectious disease.