Keep Your Cranky Nose Clean – Bleed for the Right Thing

I’m cranky because I observed yet another young man today with one of those large metal horseshoe-shaped contraptions hanging from his ignorant pierced nose today.  It has two little ball bearings on the ends of the horseshoe giving it the appearance of a snotty-nosed 2 year old – quite off-putting I must say.  I assert that these young people who are inflicting this pain on themselves are hearing God’s directive to give up personal comfort, but it is being warped by selfishness and narcissism.

I have trouble imagining the woman – or man – that finds something attractive in a man (or woman) wearing a horseshoe in the nose, which undoubdebtly drips with snot whenever he has a cold – drip – drip – drip; and which must have threads clogged with filthy bacterial snot inside the little ball bearings when he is in between colds.

I find this unimaginably hygienically unattractive because as a kid I was told to wipe your nose if I had something unattractive hanging from it. I was told to “keep your nose clean” whenever an adult wanted me to be careful about how I conducted myself in public.  Noses were connected to cleanliness and today’s penchant among some young people for sticking pieces of chromed re-bar through them is perplexing and offensive to me at a gut-level.

These nasal snot channels, these booger-coated nose-shoes, these ridiculous statements of – well – whatever they are stating, are beyond my comprehension and I want to take a needle-nose pliers and remove them in a most unfriendly manner.  The only equivalent in the natural world is a ring in the nose of a bull, and most bulls I am aware of are pissed off about it and would rather impale a man on their horns than tolerate someone who would impose that level of physical abuse on them.  Why then are young people piercing their beautiful, God-given bodies?

There is a line in a popular song that goes, “You bleed just to know you’re alive”.  I guess that’s the basic reason that people are acting this way.  They want to know they are alive.  But I assert that if these young people were starving in Africa they would know what is important about being alive, if they knew what it means to struggle to remain alive they would make different choices.  But they don’t – they’re living in the land of plenty, blessed beyond all reason with food and shelter and wealth only dreamed of in many places in the world.

So perhaps they need to remove the horseshoes from their noses and pull their heads from that dark space between their legs and live life to the fullest by loving their brothers and sisters in giving and service.  If they want to bleed, then get some blisters and splinters building homes for the homeless, go hungry for a week because they’ve given all their money for groceries for the homeless, get sore arms stirring spaghetti for the hungry, or bloody hangnails sewing clothing for needy. If they want to feel alive by sacrificing their own comfort, BLESS THEM, but why are they only doing these things for self-aggrandizement?

Why do these young people look inside themselves for that bleeding affirmation of life?  I assert that it’s because they think they are their own God, that nothing outside themselves is powerful, and they are willing to bleed to try to find meaning.  The sad thing is that the right impulse is misdirected, the answer is not to bleed for oneself, it is to bleed for your neighbor, your friend, your family.

The urge to sacrifice self can lead to huge change and good; and in fact, the teaching of God is to love one another, this is the only original commandment that Jesus gave as far as I know.

The primary purpose of life is NOT to find love for oneself through adornment, piercings, tattoos, drugs-sex-rock and roll.  Piercing is the right impulse misdirected and warped into self promotion.

Wow those nose-horseshoes really make me cranky.

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