Scampaign – Last call for Dinner with Barack EVER

Last election I voted for Obama and I am still on the mailing list. I even gave him a few bucks. So I get regular emails from the campaign. This was the title of tonight’s edition of their dinner with Barack scampaign;

 “Last call for Dinner with Barack EVER,”

is that not seriously arrogant?

So after tonight all us peonies can just forget about ever being important enough to dine with Obamas. Those of us stupid enough to think that these lotto calls to dinner with Barack are real opportunities probably said to themselves, “Oh NO! It’s my last chance, I better send him some money!” They’re probably the same people who truly believe that a $5 donor has an equal chance with a $2,000 donor to meet with the President.


They think they might just pull the golden ticket and get to meet Willy Wonka at the gates to the Chocolate Factory.

But after tonight Barack Obama told me he won’t need me any longer. I am insulted enough not to give him a dime, so no beer in the rose garden, no fois gras in the oval office, NO SOUP FOR YOU!

How will I sleep tonight?

Whoever wrote  that headline ought to be fired immediately. It tells a tale they don’t want us to know, think, or even imagine; that the powerful only need us little people for a season, long enough to get elected. It says that we’re only good enough to dine with el presidente before the election; after that, we’re just unwashed masses yearning to be free.

Rush for that checkbook people, it’s your LAST CHANCE EVER…and I thought I was undecided before tonight.