“Let them eat cake”

I went shopping for shirts yesterday over at the Goodwill store in an upscale city.  There I found four nice casual shirts that will wear well this summer over shorts.  A total of $17 left my bank account for them.  I love Goodwill, they make tightening my belt affordable.

George W. held a press conference today to talk about the “conimy”, Texan for “economy”.  To sum up George W.’s answer to the country’s fiscal problems, it’s because Congress isn’t sending him the answers in the form of legislation.  Someone must know what’s wrong.  He said that a new refinery hasn’t been built in the US in thirty years and that he asserted was the fault of Congress.  Hmmm….I thought the oil companies (George’s relatives and best buds) were the owners of refineries and therefore responsible as business owners to build this infrastructure.  Is George saying that we the people should pay for new refineries?  Do the oil companies need subsidies to be able to afford building a new refinery?  As the oil companies release their reports of record earnings today is George W. saying that congress needs to approve a new refinery, finance one, or what?  He didn’t define what he was talking about but getting Congress involved at any level generally means public funds are involved. 

What was truly hysterical about George’s press conference was that he accused a reporter of trying to drag him into the presidential race politics while he blamed the entire economic mess on the inaction of the Democratic Congress.  I think you speak with a forked tongue partner.

If George W. is proposing that Congress pass some sort of funding to build new refineries just so the oil companies can keep their profit margins;  if he is saying that the American public should go hungry to pay for oil company infrastructure; if he is saying that the public should pay for it, and, after it’s built, continue to allow oil companies to raise their prices for us average Joe’s, I say that’s the equivalent of “Let them eat cake” commonly attributed to Marie Antoinette.

Sacramento is about to approve a 10% raise for firefighters.  That’s 5% in each of the next two years.  The problem is that Sacramento is facing a 58 million dollar deficit and the raise costs 15 million dollars.  The union rep on TV said that the raise is welcome but that more needs to be done (surprise-surprise).  The city official asked about how the raise impacts the budget deficit said that it does not raise the deficit because the 156 million is already figured into the deficit.  Hmmmm…so without the raise, the deficit would be 43 million and with the raise the deficit is 58 million, yet according to the City, the raise does not increase the deficit (2nd grade math tells me that “58>43”).  I think someone called that “fuzzy math” at some point.  If this guy went to Sacramento Schools I’d say that the 15 million needs to be put into the classroom for extra math instruction.  What an imbecile this person must be to say something like that and actually think we would buy it.  “Let them eat cake.”

I don’t know about you but I am tired of government telling me to go and eat cake when I am funding their banquet.  Don’t they even realize that the trough is empty?  I say tighten your belts like the rest of us!

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