Looking Around on My Walk

I started an exercise regimen this morning; one hour of walking every day. I came up about five minutes short this morning so I’ll have to add a block or two tomorrow. I made 34 blocks in 55 minutes not counting a quick stop at Safeway to grab a newspaper. Now this isn’t exactly cruising speed if my research is correct telling me that there are 14 blocks to a mile in Sacramento; that would equal just under 2.5 miles.
I am proud of the fact that I eschewed the donuts, chocolate croissants and lattes that the beautiful Safeway temptress/siren proffered when I went to buy my paper. In keeping with my new and healthy morning routine, I was steadfast. I was a rock.

I walked as far as the St. Elizabeth Catholic church. It’s an old white church built on a corner and situated at an odd angle so that the front of it faces the intersection which is of course in the shape of a cross. I wondered if the designers considered that or if it was built that way to present a welcome door to the world. I also wondered about the Portuguese service on Sundays. I wondered if that is when the fishermen come in.

The door to the tiny Monte Carlo bar was open and I walked past and the oval neon “Open” sign in their window indicated first call. In keeping with my health regimen and the time of day, I didn’t go inside to drink a draft beer, but I appreciated the fact that I could.

There were of course the requisite state workers who now at 8:30 AM – since slaving at their desks since 8:00 AM – were wandering the streets in search of meaning and coffee. I decided on a new government position I want to create and fill, Attendance Accountability Monitor. The job comes with a union membership, full benefits and a hunk of retirement dough. I would have a little portable scanner gun that I could point at state workers’ ID cards and it would scan their bar code or magnetic strip or whatever records their DNA. When an ID was scanned, the device would link to a computer that records the time, date and location of the spotting. State workers would become accountable for working 8 hours. Minutes and hours of wandering the sidewalks in search of meaning wouldn’t count toward their 8 hours of work as they do now. It would require some stealth after the workers caught on and perhaps micro-chipping would be necessary since some would no doubt be clever enough to remove their lanyards and stash them carefully away from sight.

I think that Attendance Monitor is a great job for someone and perhaps they’d get more done. But I’d have to think about whether that was a good idea or not before submitting a formal proposal.

My folks had another blowout on their fifth wheel trailer. Almost all of the Chinese tires that came with the trailer have blown out now. These were supposed to be 8-ply tires but since they blew out it is easy to count many fewer plies than that. I suppose the schools in China must be having trouble teaching mathematics too. // –>