Meg Whitman vs Jerry Brown a Fascinating Contrast

The California Governor’s race is a very interesting study of contrasts. Where in the world could you find someone Jerry’s age (born 1938) running for such a powerful position in opposition to a relatively young Meg (born 1956).

Where can you find an Aries running against a Leo in a state where that has the potential to be an issue? I mean honestly, how can you choose when there is a thrill of the moment fire person ruled by Mars running against a lead the way fire person who is ruled by the sun? How can you win? (or lose, I am pretty frickin’ lost at the moment).

But an Aries is a doer by nature so that’s good unless they’re doing liberal things if you’re a conservative, then you’d rather they not be doing anything. And a Leo has a desire to be a star so maybe Meg will work harder so that’s good unless she’s working on tea parties which would not be favored by liberals.

It’s just so confusing isn’t it?

Maybe we need to look at the years they were born for clues on who to vote for.
Let’s see, Jerry was born in 1938 (72 years old), year of the Tiger (Earth Tiger – sympathetic, kind, emotional, sensitive).

Here are a few highlights from 1938:
What Things Cost in 1938:
• Car: $700
• Gasoline: 20 cents/gal
• House: $6,400
• Bread: 9 cents/loaf
• Milk: 50 cents/gal
• Postage Stamp: 3 cents
• Stock Market: 155
• Average Annual Salary: $1,700
• Best Director: Frank Capra – You Can’t Take It with You
• Best Motion Picture: You Can’t Take it With You
• Best Actor: Spencer Tracy – Boys Town
• Best Actress: Bette Davis – Jezebel
• July 24- Begin the Beguine is recorded by Artie Shaw
• Roy Acuff’s musical career begins
• Pete Seeger’s musical career begins
• Recorded: “A-Tisket, A-Tasket” by Ella Fitzgerald with Chick Webb
• Recorded: “Don’t Be That Way” by Benny Goodman
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And in 1956, Year of the Monkey (Fire Monkey “on their merry way to becoming famous”, now we’re getting somewhere), Meg was born into this world:

• Autherine Lucy, the first black student at the University of Alabama, is suspended after riots (March 1).
• U.S. tests the first aerial hydrogen bomb over Namu islet, Bikini Atoll with the force of 10 million tons TNT (May 21). Background: nuclear weapons
U.S. Statistics
• President: Dwight D. Eisenhower
• Vice President: Richard M. Nixon
• Population: 168,903,031
• Life expectancy: 69.7 years
• Homicide Rate (per 100,000): 4.6
• US GDP (1998 dollars): $438 billion
• Federal spending: $70.64 billion
• Federal debt: $272.7 billion
• Consumer Price Index: 27.2
• Unemployment: 4.4%
• Cost of a first-class stamp: $0.03
World Series
• NY Yankees d. Brooklyn Dodgers (4-3)
NBA Championship
• Philadelphia Warriors d. Ft. Wayne Pistons (4-1)
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One thing that Meg Whitman needs to learn, based on her victory speech last night, is that the mayor of a city has no decision-making power over a school district in California; but maybe if she voted she’d have paid attention and would understand how school district governance works. Maybe they did in 1956, but not today. She’s either really ignorant, or she thinks all of us are. In either case, her statements last night make me wonder if Monkey Fun is what I need in Sacramento; but then, a Sensitive Tiger? What’s a voter to do?