Michael Moore’s Speech in Madison, Wisconsin

Michael Moore went to Wisconsin to give a speech to the Union workers who are protesting the Republican Governor Walker’s plan to eliminate collective bargaining.

Moore gave a long speech and he made some interesting claims in it about rich people running the country.  I’m not sure why he needed to go all the way to Wisconsin to say that rich people run the country, they always have.

For me the big issue is this:

Where is the balance point at which a government becomes too expensive?  Michael Moore and his fans do not seem to want to address this point at all.  He’s so fixated on the Robin Hood syndrome that he refuses to address the reasonableness of the argument for cutting the budget.  He simply says take from the rich and everyone else gets to keep their salaries.  The problem is he’s talking about government salaries which the rest of us have to be taxed to pay for.

At what point do people who are not part of the government become slaves to support the government? 

I think we’re at that point now.  Government employee salaries and benefits are bankrupting our state due to the economic collapse and the resulting loss in tax revenue.  Our government has promised Union members all kinds of expensive benefits and salaries that we can no longer afford. 

Those of us who do not work for the government didn’t mind providing those benefits to the unions while there was money to do so.  But now the money is gone and collective bargaining threatens the ability of the government to cut costs.  So the only option left to the government is to raise taxes on the rest of us.

Michael Moore spoke to the crowd in Madison as if he were speaking to all Americans.  But he wasn’t.  He was speaking to Americans who work for the government and who are in a union. We aren’t all government employees in unions –  at least not yet.  I do not fall into either category and I don’t want to pay more taxes to secure unfunded contract provisions given to unions in good times. 

These are not good times. Michael Moore says we aren’t broke, HELLO, the hell we aren’t.  What he really means is that if the rich would just give their money to the government, problem solved. 

Really?  Is that what we want?  Sounds like Marx, not Moore.