NRA Can’t Justify This

And today another school shooting in Connecticut and I can already anticipate the NRA-bought politicians and Fox News saying, “You can’t justify getting rid of handguns because of 20 dead children.”SONY DSC

Yes, I can…20 times today, plus 7 adults, 27 dead innocent people…I can justify it every day because the truth is that without a heavily armed populace,

  • Nobody needs a hand gun to be safe or to hunt except law enforcement.
  • Nobody needs an assault rifle except the military
  • Nobody needs a 50 caliber semi-automatic rifle except the military
  • Nobody needs body armor except the military
  • Nobody needs thousands of rounds of ammunition except the military

And what about the insane people doing this?

  • We need to be able to lock up crazy people until they’re safe, they should not be on the streets.

And what about media?

  • Nobody needs violent video games
  • Nobody needs to see movies that depict savage killing

Nobody can justify this to me under the smoke and mirrors that someone’s freedom to make money selling guns, selling violent media, or just the freedom to be crazy as hell. Nobody can justify the slaughtering of innocent children by some twisted right to be free. It has to stop. I am writing to my elected officials to demand immediate action.

The NRA and the RIGHT be damned 20 times today, enough is enough. Sign one of the petitions about gun control – send an email to your Senators and Congress people. Keep the pressure on until WE are louder than the lobbyists.